Fan-art: RandC Character Reference: Xennah Verzari

RandC Character Reference: Xennah Verzari

Published by XennahVerzari

Category: Digital art

Date: May 4, 2021

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Name: Xennah Verzari DOB/POB: 14th Mayjune, 5348/Planet Fastoon Story: Xennah was born around the same time as Ratchet, during the Great War. When Tachyon attacked Planet Fastoon, Kaden and Xennah's parents agreed to work together in order to send both Ratchet and Xennah to safety. When Kaden sent Ratchet to Veldin, Xennah's parents sent her to Metropolis instead, ultimately leading to their demise. This was done in order to protect both kits from the assault as well as allowing two Lombaxes to remain within the galaxy and not know about each other's existence. She first met Ratchet when she was hired by Fitzwidget to work for Megacorp (after the disappearance of Angela). When the two met, it was a surreal experience and because of this, they became good friends and shared their experience of being a lombax in their everyday lives. Personality: Xennah is a relatively shy lombax who enjoys hanging out with Alessa, Ratchet and Clank as well as searching planets for artefacts, Planet Fastoon in particular. Strengths: Archaeology and ranged weapons, her Plasma Whip in particular Weaknesses: Mathematics (which is Alessa's speciality) and Ratchet~ (she will often get distracted by him and become clumsy x3) Fear/s: Claustrophobia (hates being confined in tight spaces, as proven during one of her first missions with Ratchet) Likes: Ratchet, Clank, Alessa, the Galactic Rangers and Grim Dislikes: Qwark and Nefarious

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