Fan-art: Nyxon Verzari (The Lombax)

Nyxon Verzari (The Lombax)

Published by XennahVerzari

Category: Digital art

Date: Apr 29, 2021

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This boy is pretty much a fan-child I made for Ratchet and Xennah a few years back x3 Nyxon (c) Me

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Avatar - XennahVerzari
XennahVerzari Apr 29, 2021, 10:34:25 PM

Name: Nyxon Verzari DOB/POB: 20th Fejulary, 5370/Planet Kerwan Story: Nyxie was born to Ratchet and Xennah within the Metropolis Hospital. During his younger years, Nyxie had a very adventurous nature and always wanted to explore! As he grew up, he highly admired his father and would always ask him to become a Galactic Ranger just like him. He trained as a Ranger during his teenage years and soon became as recognisable as Ratchet when he saved a child from a rampaging robot. Personality: Nyxie is a quiet, kind and somewhat sensitive lombax who prefers not to be an attention seeker with others, except with his parents when he was a child! Despite him being the quiet type, he has been shown to be pretty brave during combat scenarios, just like his father. Strengths: Close-ranged weapons and physical combat Weaknesses: Spooked easily by loud noises, which has been shown during battle scenarios though he always tries to get over the fear Fear/s: Being insulted/shunned by others and Phonophobia (fear of fireworks as shown since he was a child) Likes: Ratchet, Clank, Xennah, Isabelle, the Galactic Rangers and Grim Dislikes: Qwark and Nefarious