Fan-art: I.S.A.B.E.L.L.E


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Date: Apr 29, 2021

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Xennah's robotic companion, who I created quite a few years ago x3 ISABELLE (c) Me

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Avatar - XennahVerzari
XennahVerzari Apr 29, 2021, 10:32:54 PM

Name: I.S.A.B.E.L.L.E Creation Location: Planet Daxx Story: Isabelle was created by Nefarious during his Metropolis reign and escaped from Planet Daxx, retreating to Planet Kerwan. At the time, Xennah was recovering artefacts on Metropolis and came across her. Isabelle had not seen a lombax before therefore she was unaware of whether or not she was a threat. But when Xennah showed great kindness, she began to talk to her about what had happened previously. Personality: Isabelle is a kind and gentle robot, who enjoys hanging out with Xennah and reading books on mathematics and scientific formulas. Strengths: Mathematics, Quantum Physics and Zoni Abilities Weakness/es: Physical strength (a lot of the time she depends on her Zoni abilities to protect herself and others) and bravery (she occasionally fears those who want to harm robotic/Zoni-like creatures) Fear/s: Altophobia (fear of heights due to an accident she had during her first mission with Xennah, causing Ratchet to rebuild her) Likes: Ratchet, Clank, Xennah, the Galactic Rangers and Grim Dislikes: Qwark and Nefarious