Ratchet and Clank: The galaxy travelers - Chapter 3

Saving the Galactic President

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Ratchet, Clank and Angela are walking their way through the Galactic President's house on planet Marcadia. But first, Ratchet got one of his favourite weapons, the Disc-Blade gun, Clank bought a bottle of lube for his rusty joints from the moisture of planet Gorn's atmosphere and Angela got an Annihilator, from a nearby vendor. They also got two mobile phones, one for Ratchet and Clank and one for Angela, in order to be able to communicate with each other while their next mission was taking place.

Ratchet: We have to split up. Clank and I are going to meet the President and warn hip about the new disaster that's taking place. Angela, run behind the aliens and send us information about their actions via the mobile phone.

Angela: You're speaking to a professional spy right now!

Ratchet: Great! Now, let's split up.

Ratchet and Clank ran through the way to the President's house. It wasn't long until they met some new foes...

Ratchet: Oh no! The aliens are very organised. They seem to have taken example from Dr. Nefarious and they're using Tyhrranoids against people!

Clank: That is what are weapons for!

Ratchet: You're right. Let's chop 'em up!

Four three- eyed Tyhrranoids came out of a dropship. Ratchet quickly took his disk-blade gun and quickly shot a sharp disk. The disk chopped the Tyhrranoids one by one, ricocheting off of the enemies.

Ratchet: Ha! One bullet, four targets went down!

However, swarms of small one-eyed Tyhrranoids were running towards Ratchet. They were too many to be simply passed by and ignored.

Ratchet: Now what?? I think I should have bought the Suck Cannon...

Clank: Just use your wrench.

Ratchet was constantly hitting Tyhrranoids with his wrench, chopping them in half. They were too many and they were slowing down the duo from reaching the President. Small, but effective.

Meanwhile, Angela was walking right behind the alien species, hiding behind walls and being as much time out of their vision field as possible. At the same time, she was text messaging the heroes with her mobile phone.

The aliens are not interested in stealing metal anymore. They're walking freely towards the President, so you'd better hurry up! Everyone here doesn't know that the aliens are right here on Solana, they only think they are on Bogon, thus everyone is terrified.

Ratchet could not respond to the message, he was occupied killing Tyhrranoids constantly. Time was running like water and the alien intruders were approaching the President more and more. In other words, time was not with the heroes side this time.

Ratchet: If only we had enough Raritanium to get a Shield Charger...

Clank: Or charge boots...

Ratchet: Hey... Clank you're a genius!

Clank: Tell me something I do not know. Hee hee hee hee hee!

Ratchet killed a four-eyed Tyhrranoid with the last ammo of his Disk-blade gun and quickly wore his charge boots. Ratchet and Clank blasted off with the charge boots and they finally arrived at the President's house.

President: Agent Clank! And Ratchet! Long time no see! What brings you here?

Ratchet: You are in danger! An alien species has come to the planet looking for you! I can tell you their intentions are not good.

President: Wait... You mean the notorious aliens from Bogon have arrived here? And on this planet?

Clank: Yes. We came here to warn you that they want something from you.

Ratchet: Please find a way to leave this place within the next minutes!

President: Not to worry. I'll call the Galactic Rangers and kick the butts of those scumbags!

Ratchet: I don't think it's a good...

President: The galactic Rangers are the best in what they do!

Ratchet: And that is?

President: Giving us five more seconds to find a way out of here.

The President called the rangers to come for assistance. But it was a minute after the call that the aliens appeared in the scene with a surprise.

Ratchet: Oh no... This is not good...

Clank: Where is Angela?...

One of the alien soldiers pushed a tied up, again unconscious Angela Cross in front of them.

Ratchet: WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER???!!!

Alien #1: She didn't listen to our first warning. She should comply.

The rangers just arrived.

President: Kill them!

Ratchet, Clank and the President used the rangers' ship to leave the planet. They left the planet just in time, as the aliens killed all rangers with Angela's Annihilator. The heroes and the President went directly to Starship Phoenix.

President: Everyone listen up! The aliens of Bogon have arrived on this galaxy as well. They were looking for me. Ratchet and Clank proved to be heroes once again. Without them, I would be in the hands of these deadly creatures!

Sasha: It's good to see you again Ratchet and Clank. Thanks for saving my dad. I'll activate the camo field so the aliens won't find us. Meet me on the bridge.

Ratchet, Clank and the President met with the starship's crew on the bridge.

Sasha: This is becoming a problem. We have no suspects to guess who's behind the metal gathering business and no clues about what's their target.

Ratchet: Let's sum up what we've seen. The aliens started from Bogon Galaxy, stealing anything that was made out of metal. Then, they went to the Testing Facility and possibly took a device with them and then they came on Marcadia to kill the president. We don't even know where this species came from.

Sasha: This species is neither from this galaxy, nor from Bogon. They must be from a nearby galaxy. As long as we heard the news, we were all guessing they only attacked the galaxies to steal metal and sources that their own galaxy lacked of. But the fact that the want to kill the President made us give up this theory. 

Ratchet: Even if we do find the reason, we have to stop them. I'm sure they didn't come for good. What are we gonna do now? How are we going to stop them?

Sasha: The crew just informed me that their next target is planet Orxon. After Drek polluted the planet, several radioactive chemicals have rendered the planet a giant fallout mass.

Ratchet: We need to fly to Orxon then. This radioactive thing is very worrying. Let's go.

Sasha: Be careful Ratchet.

Ratchet and Clank took a ship to planet Orxon. Their mission to save the galaxies from the new menace has just started. What do the aliens want from that planet? And what about Angela? We'll find out soon on the next chapters!

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