Ratchet and Kiana, the second arsenal - Chapter 1

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The next day was rough training to be able to be the tester of the machine. Kiana so called "parents" were concerned but did she care?? No she didn’t care at all…she would always hate them for lying to her for so long about her father. They said that "Oh honey it was for the best." and would smile at her, which she thought as disgusting, trying to make her feel joyful and exited after she found out about him.
Then the day came. She had been tested and trained and now she was ready. Almost all of the Lombax's were there to wave her off and tell her good luck but did it make a difference? No she didn’t care. Mr. Insomlombaxidean was the one who got the machine boosted up. Then she went into the time pod and squeezed her eyes shut. The pod shook and made a terrible noise and then it was off into the past space….
End of part 2
Part 3
Ratchet was on a deserted planet called planet Quantos. This had been a wonderful planet until Asimoth had pulled the great clocks switch…even if he had turned it back there were still some ruined planets, including this one. It was pouring rain outside his shelter made of some old crates and a bit of clay. Ratchet hated this planet, hated ever thing, except Clank. "Yesterday," Ratchet recalled "was the worst day ever". One of his greatest friends had died in order to save the universe. "Why did every single thing have to go wrong?! If I had only just told Alister ahead of time, before he messed it up!! If only Clank could have gone back in time six minutes for Alister! Not for my life…for Alister's!! Alister could have saved the universe better than me; Clank would still be the keeper for the great clock, no harm done! But…but…" Ratchet held his head in his hands "He's gone forever".
Clank had (by then) come back with the news about Apheleon and how much damage she had taken in the crash. "Ratchet" Clank reported "Apheleon is in terrible shape…I do not think my memory banks hold enough information on how to turn her back to normal. Not even the zonies could help. They do not make, at any stores, what she needs any more. She has run out of battery so that we cannot use any of her scans or ability to communicate with anyone else in the galaxy. Basically…were doomed to a life on living on planet Quantos." Ratchet stared in horror at clank. He hoped that he was just making a joke, like his father used to….but he didn’t really joke that much. Ratchet did not even say a word. He just walked out in the rain and heaved a huge sigh. What else was he to do? But right at that moment he heard a far off screaming and a CLUNK. The whole planet seemed to be in a 10 second earth quake and then it was over.
He walked over to where the screaming was coming from and saw…no it couldn't be what he saw…a lombax???!!!!
Ratchet looked then pinched himself. It couldn’t be true… another lombax! He didn’t even know if he wanted to see another lombax in his life…after Asimoth he never wanted to see any one that he couldn’t smack with his wrench again. But surprisingly it was… a girl lombax! She had blonde hair with a hot pink bang over her right eye. She had dark brown eyes and her fur was a dark cream color with
bright orange stripes. "Oh my god." said ratchet "Are you real?”
“Yea I’m real. What do you think I am???" Ratchet stood there astonished, and surprisingly happy.
"How did you get here?" asked Ratchet.
"I took this time pod over there". She pointed towards a metal contraption that was in a flaming crater. “ooooh…bad landing I can tell" said ratchet smiling a bit.
"Yea… ah well". Then suddenly, like before there was a mini earth quake and then the whole sky turned black… "Shiz….not again!!!!" Ratchet yelled right before everything went dark.
Part 4
Then as fast as it started it ended…."what the…." asked Kiana "um….does that happen often???" "No" yelled ratchet. This planet was starting to seriously tick him off. A click of a loudspeaker suddenly erupted over the island. Then through the crackling loudspeaker a low voice said “Welcome to planet Quantos. I emperor Quanaian welcomes you…ok welcome over. If you are an official squishy please leave this planet immediately or else you will suffer a very long and dreadful death. Thank you! Have a wonderful day!".”Well then…that was a wonderful welcome…” mumbled Kiana. "Stupid robots". "Don’t I know it??" groaned Ratchet. He swore to Clank many days later that every planet he went to someone was after him. "But… I have never heard of emperor Quanaian…" grumbled Kiana "you?” "No…. that’s really odd.huh…..well at least we have something to do…" "But…" said Kiana "There is something I have to ask you before we go out and kick some robot butt…do you knows my father??" "Uh… maybe….probably not… but what’s his name?" asked Ratchet. "His name?” General Alister Asimoth." and for the 3rd time that day ratchet stared in horror…and amazement. "Your father" Ratchet replied "I knew him quite well…"

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