Ratchet and Clank:Dreadzone 2 - Chapter 1

Chapter 1:Marcadia

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Author: Vox789

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It was a beautiful day on planet Marcadia.Ratchet,Clank,and Bob were chilling under the sun in the Marcadian Spa.

"Hey,Clank,"Ratchet said."Do you wonder what we'll get into next?"

"Even as a robot,I wouldn't know,"Clank replies.

"You look like you need a fixin',"Bob remarked.

"No but wait…"

Shortly after Bob grabbed Clank,he fixed him faster than a Horny Toad on a Skyboard.

"I feel…great!My sprockets have been acting up lately,"Clank happily shouted.

"Don't mention it,"Bob says.

For the next 3 hours the group relaxed in the spa,with Ratchet looking up into the sky,still wondering what will happen next.

Meanwhile in an unknown location….

"Mr.Vex,"a robot voice yelled."We've found the perfect people for our…I mean your show."

"Excellent,"Gleeman Vex commented."Bring them to us now."

"Yes,sir,"the robot yelled.

He then ran out of the room and informed his men to start the ship.They did that,and they hopped into the ship,as they blasted off in search of planet Marcadia.

Present time in Marcadia…

"Would you like some more Marcadian tea,"a lady asked.

"Yes,ma'am,"Ratchet answered.

"You can call me Kati if you like to.I'm a little shy because I've never met a galactic hero before."

"It's alright,Kati.But,I have a question,"Ratchet remarked."How long have you worked here,"he asked.

"I've only worked here a year,but I've been known for being one of the nicest people on this planet,"Kati answered.

Shortly after she replied,a large ship landed in the spa,and in the ship were three huge robots that walked to the group.

"Are you known as Ratchet,"the robot #1 asked.

"Yeah,why,"Ratchet answered.

"Our orders from Gleeman Vex are to capture heroes and force them to fight on our combat show,"the robot #2 explained.

"Anyone who tries to escape will be neutralized,so that's why all of our contestants are fitted with a deadly collar that will explode if you do not cooperate,"the robot #3 said

Then the robots escorted the three to the ship,with robot #2 tapping Ratchet on the head to make him move faster.The robots started the ship and then blasted off to the unknown location.

End of Chapter 1

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