Ratchet and Clank:Dreadzone 2 - Chapter 2

Chapter 2:The Training Course

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Moments later,in an unknown laboratory…

"Hello…anybody there,"an unknown voice shouted."It seems like you were out cold for hours.Can you see where I am?I guess I should turn on your speech function."

Bob turned on the speech function,only to be harshly insulted by Ratchet.

"Get me out of here,you four eyed Horny Toad!I can't see or breathe well,this suit is uncomfortable,and I can't even feel my…"

"Whoa there buddy,"Bob warned Ratchet."I guess I better fix you up really good."

Bob then pulled out a drill,and then screwed in a bolt on Ratchet's helmet,causing the screen to go white.

Meanwhile in an unknown office…

It was a big grey man with a robot arm on his left arm,and he was watching one of the contestants fighting for his life until he got a call from one of the worker bots.When he turned around it was found out that he was the owner of the show.The worker bots call him Gleeman Vex.

"What's up,"Gleeman Vex greeted."Did you capture Subject 445?"

"Yes,Mr.Vex,"the worker bot answered."But we found two strays.Shall we exterminate them?"

"No,but give them the collars and give them a job or else i'll exterminate you myself,"he ordered with a smirk on his face.

Meanwhile in the training course….

The figure in the suit was Ratchet.

"The armor you have on is the standard armor for new contestants,"Bob explained.

"I know you have questions,but there isn't time for that.If you don't pass the training course,we will all be exterminated,"Clank said in a worried voice.

"Alright,I'm on it,"Ratchet demanded.

"Okay,"Clank said,starting to talk in a serious voice."First turn to your target on the right,"He ordered.

Ratchet did what Clank said.

"Good,now look up and shoot your Lava Rocks at the target."

Ratchet shot a Lava Rock at the target.

"Alright buddy boy,I think you can move around now,"Bob demanded."Try getting to that ledge."

Ratchet ran and jumped to the ledge.

"Ratchet,there should be two more targets around you.Can you see a digital map in your visor?"

"Yes,Clank.Don't worry,I'll handle this."

Ratchet shot the targets with the Lava Rocks.

"Alright,Ratchet.Now,walk over to the teleporter and you should be in the next stage of the Training Course."

Ratchet ran over to the teleporter and teleported to the next stage.

Suddenly,a large screen appeared in front of Ratchet.

"Greetings.Do you know where you are?Well,you're in Dreadzone 2,the greatest holovision combat sport in the universe.Here,you will be forced to fight for your life in grueling and difficult challenges.No escape,no rescues,no…"

"Oh come on,just get on with it."

"Well,aren't you the impatient hero?Go on now,get some practice or else I'll…."

The screen somwhow ran out of power and shut off.

Ratchet went on to the arena and fought some Blade Balls and DZ Strikers.

"Ratchet,every time you kill an enemy,you pick up nanomites.When you pick up enough nanomites,you will gain more nanotech."

"You actually think that I'm going to die,Clank?"

"Ratchet,this isn't a game.Now,get serious."

"Alright,fine then,Clank."

Ratchet fought some more enemies with his Ice Shard Gun.

"Ratchet,any leftover nanomites will be picked up by your weapons.When a weapon has gained enough nanomites,it will increase by a level."

Ratchet finished off the enemies and got a message from Gleeman Vex.

"Note the Deadlock 2 collar on your neck.If you attempt to escape you will be given a 8000 volt shock.Watch."

A worker bot walked away an inch and was given a 8000 volt shock.

"If you do not cooperate or become boring your collar will be detonated at the push of a button."

The worker bot #2 said goodbye and had his head blown off.

"There.Now you will know to obey me,Gleeman Vex."

"Ratchet,there should be a teleporter that will take you to our Containment Suite."

"Finally that's done.I need a 100 minute break."

Ratchet took the teleporter and went to the Containment Suite.

End of Chapter 2.

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