Ratchet and Clank:Dreadzone 2

Fiction written by Vox789

Gleeman Vox's brother,Gleeman Vex,has established a new Dreadzone just like Gleeman Vox!Will our best heroes survive?

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Ratchet,Clank,and Bob are enjoying a nice day in Marcadia…when suddenly an army of robots appeared in front of them.The duo are then being held prisoner in a illegal combat sport called Dreadzone 2.Ratchet is forced to fight for his life in difficult challenges.Will Ratchet and Clank live long enough to escape Dreadzone 2?

Takes place a year after Tools of Destruction but before Quest for Booty.

Ratchet and ClankemojireadZone 2 Stars:

Gleeman Vex
King Drophyd
Captain Sprocket
Kerchu Guardian 2
Lord Vorselon

Warning:May contain spoilers from various Ratchet and Clank games.

Note:This story will take place between Polaris,Solana,and even Bogon.

Lava Rocks(blaster)-Magma Rocks
Ice Shard Gun(Shotgun)-Poison Icicle Cannon
Shockwave Ray(Melee weapon)-Earthquake Ray
Hydrogen Rifle(Sniper rifle)-Nitroglycerine Rifle
MegaTurret Launcher(Turret launcher)-UltraTurret Launcher
The Apocalator(superweapon)-The Destructor
The Fire Comet(rocket launcher)-The Ice Star
B-11 Vaporizer(grenade launcher)-B-16 Disintegrater
Electric Wall Launcher(shield launcher)-Electric Wall Shooter
Mind Follower(mine launcher)-Mind Tracker


  1. Date: Chapter 1:Marcadia
  2. Date: Chapter 2:The Training Course
  3. Date: Chapter 3:The Containment Suite
  4. Date: Chapter 4:The First Arena Battle
  5. Date: Chapter 5:Planet Kortog
  6. Date: Chapter 6:Planet Ardolis
  7. Date: Chapter 7:Planet Jasindu
  8. Date: Chapter 8:Planet Rykan V

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