Ratchet and Clank:Dreadzone 2 - Chapter 5

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Ratchet and his combat bots came out of the shuttle.Then a large ship flew to the other side of the Containment Suite.

"Ratchet,this is the Dread 2 transport ship.It will take you to courses on other planets.But beware,If you mess with the computer,the ship will explode."

Ratchet ran over to the ship and got in.

"Ratchet,you are now allowed to advance to planet Kortog."

Ratchet accepeted the coordinates to planet Kortog and then the ship flew out of the Containment Suite and into outer space.

It took about 3 hours to get to Polaris and another 5 hours to get to Kortog.

On the planet,it still looked the same except it has been repaired after Tachyon's attack.

"It's a beautiful Autumn day on Kortog.And as Dreadzone 2's 2nd season starts,Juanita."

"Yes,Dallas,and we get to have a good view of all the blood and gore."

"Wow,this course looks deadly even from up here."

"And look,Dallas,here comes our first contestant.And it turns out to be the brave lombax known as Ratchet."

"Too bad Ratchet won't be able to make it to the Path of Brains and capture all the nodes."

"You too really get on my last nerve.I'll show you!"

Ratchet and his combat bots started the course while fighting off V.3 Chickenbots and DZ2 Strikers.

"Hold on,Pierce and Blue,I think there is something at the vendor."

Ratchet ran back to the vendor and saw a new weapon.

"I guess I can buy this weapon for 20,000 bolts."

Ratchet bought the Shockwave Ray and continued through the course.

"Hey,Juanita,I'll bet 500 bolts if Ratchet doesn't make it through!"

"Okay,Dallas.You're on!"

"Yeah,well,get ready to lose 500 bolts,newsreporters."

Ratchet ran through the city,fighting off V.3 Chickenbots and DZ2 Strikers.

The last DZ2 Striker spoke to Ratchet.

"No,please!Don't kill me.I was forced into this job.Have mercy on me!!"

The DZ2 Striker sobbed.

"C'mon,Ratchet,kill him already!"

"You dirty lombax!Murder him!"

"I'm sorry whoever you are!I'm forced to do this."

Ratchet raised a Lava Rock blaster to his head and fired.

The head flew off of the walkway,plummeting down into the inner depths of Kortog.

Blue was sad.

"Sir,why did you do that!?"

"Blue,can't you take something like a man for once?"

"Well,sorry,Blue.If I don't,Vex will think I'm boring and detonate my collar.Then Mr.Boss goes bye-bye."

"Oh,okay then.Why don't we continue through this challenge."

Ratchet,Pierce,and Blue continued through the challenge called,"IQualifier City."

Then,a DZ2 Striker made an offer.

"Wait,don't shoot.I don't want to kill you.I want to make you an offer.If you don't kill me,I'll give you 30,000 bolts.So what do you say?Do we have a deal?"

"Boss,don't trust that man.He's tricking you!"

"Umm…I don't know about this,Sir.Pierce could be right."

"Oh come on,Ratchet!What are you doing with that robot.Destroy him!"

"Yeah,what Dallas said!Kill the robot,you lombax!"

The whole audience starting chanting.

"Kill him!Kill him!Kill him!Kill him!"

"Alright,fine,newsreporters.I'll kill him!"

Ratchet raised the Ice Shard Gun.

"Wait.What are you doing.No,please,AHHHHHHHHH!"

Ratchet fired the Striker and he froze in a block of ice.Pierce then proceeded to hit the frozen Striker with his gun.The Striker shattered all over the walkway.

The contestants ran to the green light to finish the first challenge.

"Wow,folks!He actually made it through the first course!But of course,that was just a warm-up.The real action begins in the next challenge!"

The camera flys around the area where Ratchet needs to fight.This challenge is called "Mind Challenges".

"Oh,my!The walkway to the Path of Brains has been blocked.Ratchet will now have to fight his way through rounds of enemies to proceed.Good luck!Or not!"

"Boss,those newsreporters make me sick."

"I agree,sir.They are mean people."

"Okay,calm down.Let's just go into the arena and fight off these enemies."

Ratchet and his bots ran into the arena,where they proceded to fight off some DZ2 Strikers.

More dropships flew into the arena,dropping off some more DZ2 Strikers.

"Sir,these robots don't appear to be hurting you."

"Well,Blue,they sure are weak."

"Ratchet,remember to use your wrench if you are running out of ammo."

"Got it,Clank"

Ratchet and his bots were now fighting in the last round.In about ten minutes,they have beaten the second challenge.

"I can't believe this!Ratchet is still alive!Well then,maybe we'll have to give Ratchet his next challenge."

"Whew!Boss,you alright?"

"Yeah,I'm fine."

The camera moved around the area like always.This challenge is called,"Vehicle Puzzles."

"In this challenge,Ratchet will fly the Hovership to wipe out all the turrets guarding the Path of Brains!"

"Dallas,I hope the lombax's head explodes!"

"Good luck,Ratchet.Happy flying!"

Ratchet hopped into the hovership.

"Ratchet,do you know how to fly this hovership?"

"Of course,Clank."

"Ratchet's lifting the Hovership,and he's headed toward the first turret."

Ratchet fired his primary missles at the turret,and in no time,the turret exploded.

"Ratchet has taken down the first turret.But can he take all the other 11 turrets?"

"Ratchet,remember to hover over to the landing pad if you have taken too much damage."

"Thanks,Clank.In fact,I need to go to the landing pad now."

Ratchet flew the Hovership to the landing pad to heal.

"Good Ratchet.Now you know what to do."

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