Ratchet and Clank:Dreadzone 2 - Chapter 4

Chapter 4:The First Arena Battle

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Author: Vox789

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As Ratchet rode the shuttle,a screen turned on.

"Hello hero or heroine,thank you for choosing Vex Airways for your travel needs.Now please,sit,relax and enjoy our holovision program,sponsored by Vex holofilms."

The Holofilm turned on.

"Greetings.Have you ever wanted to see action and explosions like never before?Have you ever wanted to see heroes fight to the death?Well you just tuned to the right channel.Here in Dreadzone 2,you get to see all of these things in high definition.And you also get to see our famous exterminators blowing s**t up and kicking heroes a**!Catch all of that on Dreadzone 2.Not appropriate for children under the age of 10."

When that ended,Dallas popped up on the screen.

"Whoa,that is it for Venus,folks!Already the Kerchu Guardian 2's 5th victim this season!Next we have Ratchet.Oh,that little furry fellow a few years back.Well,he might have lost his motivation to fight."

Then the shuttle landed,with Ratchet walking out of it.

"Wow,he really got taller over the years.Hopefully he can survive this grueling arena fight."

"Yes,hopefully I can you stuck up newsreporters."

The camera was slowly moving around the Arena.

"Okay,Dreadzone 2 fans,get ready to see some bloody action as our former Dreadzone contestant,Ratchet,Qualifies to compete in Dreadzone 2!"

"Alright,Clank,here goes nothing."

As Ratchet took out his Lava Rocks,he started shooting at the DZ2 Strikers,with one crying for help before getting his head blown off.

"Wow,he's passed the first section,but can he pass the others?"

"Yes I can,a******s!"

"Ratchet,pardner,you can heal your bots anytime they take too many hits."

"Thanks for the advice,Bob."

Ratchet healed his bot and advanced to the next section of the Qualifier.

"Pardner,you can make your bots come back to your position.Just say,'regroup'."

"Regroup,combat bots."

"Alright,boss.Now don't be impatient and mean,got it?"

"I understand you really well,Pierce.Now come on.We have to finish the Qualifier."

Ratchet was then standing in front of a group of V.3 Chickenbots.

"Boss,can I blow them up.What can they do to us?"

The V.3 Chickenbots went after Blue and started biting him.


"Hold still,Blue."

Ratchet shot his Ice Shard Gun and all of the V.3 Chickenbots blew up.

"Thank you,sir.I'd give you a hug but you would push me off."

"Okay,we have to keep moving."

Ratchet moved on to the last stage of the Qualifier.

And in the center was a huge Chopper.

"Hey,haven't I seen those before?On planet Snivelak."

"Oh,yes you have,Ratchet.And now you are going to pay!"

"Alright,let's get this over with."

Ratchet shot his Lava Rocks while Pierce and Blue shot their Flux Pistol V.4.Then the Chopper was set on fire.

"I'll get you next time,Ratchet."

The Chopper then blew up,with the Thug inside.

"How can you get me next time?You're dead!"

"He's passed the Qualifier!But there is lots more that Ratchet has to see."

The transport shuttle flew in front of Ratchet.As they went in,the door closed and they went back to the Containment Suite.

End of Chapter 4.

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