Prolouge to battle

Fiction written by UYAmaster9

Trouble? Call RaC Business...

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Ratchet and Clank Business, the newest help center… Ratchet and Clank do NOT own it! Nefarious is back, AGAIN… He made another Klunk and a new one… RatchetBot! Ratchet and Clank soon found the shop and were angered. Ratchet defeated RatchetBot and Clank defeated Klunk. They soon found themselves in Nefarious' Base in space, they had been teleported. Nefarious was sitting in a chair and had massive armor on. Lawrence also had massive armor and a N90 Hurricane.

What will happen next? Find out in chapter 1!


  1. Date: Chapter 1: A New Begininning
  2. Date: Greatest Efforts: Part 1/3
  3. Date: Greatest Efforts: Part 2/3

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Avatar - NH_Gamer360
NH_Gamer360 Mar 22, 2014, 8:56:39 PM

not the worst fan fic, however if you added some more detail and descriptions, you could have an awesome story! emoji