Prolouge to battle - Chapter 2

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Not only did Nefarious' men attack Ratchet, but Tachyon's men too. " I'm getting sick of this hero stuff Clank… " Mumbled Ratchet. Ratchet's luck was running out, as well as his ammo… His omniwrench broken, and all his weapons out of ammo, Ratchet was forced to surrender. Nefarious and Tachyon's men didn't care, they shot at Ratchet until out of ammo… Ratchet was done for. " Ratchet, dodge! " yelled Clank. Ratchet dodged a few seconds later, but soon fell in a deep dark hole filled with diamonds near the bottom, and strange drawings on the sides of the deep cavern, also with lombax everywhere at the bottom! Ratchet was amazed as the lombax greeted him. They soon explained to Ratchet that thought they were the only survivors of their kind, and Ratchet had already guessed that… " We thought no other lombax were even in any universe " said a young lombax, at least age 20. " Same here, glad to see i'm not the only one left" said Ratchet dreadfully.

More to come in: Greatest Efforts Part 2

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