Prolouge to battle - Chapter 3

Greatest Efforts: Part 2/3

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Author: UYAmaster9

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" Well we heard that a lombax defeated Dr. Nefarious and now we know that was you! " said an elderly lombax. " Ratchet, we might have some trouble! " said Clank staring at all the creatures jumping in the hole. " No! Not now! We have no defense! " said Ratchet. Then a young lombax at least age 23 wearing armor said " My men and I can take them! " All the enemy forces were now in the cavern ready to attack. The lombax fought on with all the swords, guns, and more. There were explosions,bullets flying, sheilds breaking, loud yelling and gunshots, and more. " We're near in victory! " said the leader of the lombax army, with an angry face. " We can win with one attack, we just need to all hit at the same time! " The lombax leader said. The rest of the lombax were scared for the earmy of the other lombax, until Ratchet had all the weapons he needed and he defated the army of creatures. " You were amazing! Better than my army! " said the lombax leader. " You should join us under here in the cavern! " said the elderly lombax. " Sorry I have to leave, but I will visit when I can " said Ratchet.

What will happen next? Find out in chapter 4!

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