Thread: Problems

Post here if you encounter any problem on Ratchet Galaxy emoji

I noticed when sending a private message, that the layout was still in French.

Problem fixed, thanks for reporting emoji

No, thank you guys. emoji

You have to use the direct link to the image when you set your avatar in your profile settings emoji
Oh, and I see you also have problems with your signature image : just use the "Image" button to create BBcode tags emoji

Deleted user

um the french version has more features such as cheats and qwuark page

How can i put that stat card in my signature? I do not have any experience in these things so i need help! emoji emoji emoji

Once you created your Stats Card, you'll have several codes. Just copy and paste the BBCode into your profile info emoji

um the french version has more features such as cheats and qwuark page

Indeed. The cheats page is something we can add for the english version, but the Qwark page belongs to a category named "Special files", which is constituted of texts, sometimes very long, that would take a lot of time to translate properly in english. We will have to find talented writers.

Thank you very much!!! Now it works! emoji At least for now… emoji

I think that there may be a very big bug in RG! I had checked out if i had any unreaded PM's and there was not anything new(if i remember right) then i looked that Lombax online page and saw that there was, in the english version, an unregistered one in Personal Messages page! emoji
So, i think that the unregistered one have got the opportunity to go to my PM's via the "Who's online" page! emoji

So can you investigate if that problem exists, please? emoji

Do not worry, it's just a visitor who has clicked on the page you were visiting (the PM page) via the "Who's Online" page. He can't access to the PMs, so he's just messing with you emoji