Thread: Uncharted 2 Match Idea

Yeah, great, I'm in!
I WILL defend my favorite community!

All right if I could, I'm in with RG community. Good luck everyone emoji

Hi, I will participate with pleasure with RG community

So good luck everyone emoji emoji

It's ratchetetclank94 for me emoji
It's better

So, now, let's put a date for this match. Tomorrow won't be ok since it would be quite hard to inform the concerned members in time.

Are you serious? Everyone I have is okay for tomorrow?

Oh dear… Since there hasn't been any confirmation we thought Monday was only an idea. We haven't even decided what the small teams would be, and how the matches will be organized emoji

Also, some members like Slag or rérélien cannot play beyond 8 or 10 pm (France's timezone).
I, myself, cannot play between 8 pm and midnight. Before and after, yes.

I'm sorry we did not clarify this sooner but I think we should delay the match to an other day, and this time, make every information clear to everyone emoji

p.s : if you got msn, add me (check my profile) so we can talk more in details.

Oh dear. Well, it's going to have to be soon. As in the next few days.

Yup, I hear so but the main problem remains : finding the right time for everyone.

I'll ask everyone in the RG team.

Whenever is best for you guys.

Feel free to ad FGras for Uncharted2 and R&C emoji

Add one player for the ratchet galaxy team, I'm in. Good luck to you.
My ID is lombax-91 .

Would Friday or Saturday be better for you guys?

Great I'm all right for friday afternoon
You gonna eat earth men emoji

Yann : Come on, be nice with our american partners, you little pretentious boy emoji
Maybe you will be the one to eat some dust before everyone else emoji

TOY_ROBOT : I'm ok with friday or saturday ; I'll ask everyone in the RG team if they are ok too emoji Now we have to decide which meeting hour would be the best for all of us.