Thread: Uncharted 2 Match Idea

Our guys are flexible and we have lots of backup, so you guys can propose a date and I'm sure it will be okay.

Is Friday, or Saturday looking better for you guys?

Disneyland is fun. I've never been to the one in France, but I'm sure it's a blast. emoji

Oh Yeah emoji RL^^
It's better tomorow BUT (yes yes emoji ) There is not a warhawk party RB ??

It's not a problem for RB emoji He can play WH and U2 at the same time x)

The match will have to be tomorrow. Give me a time.

Okay, so on what time zone are you guys?
We all are, except Cardcaptor Stacey, on GMT+1 emoji

Pacific and eastern time, and whatever time zone ShiFT is on, being he lives in Portugal.

I have three on right now. So, whenever you guys are ready…

Ratchetlombax and myself are ready too. We are coming.

That was fun. emoji

Yup, lots of fun with you guys emoji even though trying to speak english while being cold is not an easy task emoji