Thread: Introduce yourself

Who wants to grow up emoji hehe

thoese who dosn't like to be childish in that age sadly but gladly I'm not one of thoese types of people

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Looks like I'm not the oldest member here anymore in R.G's English forum. emoji

Welcome to Ratchet Galaxy Toby! Glad to have you on aboard. emoji

Hello ^^ Im a long time visitor but now a member! Ive been a fan since 2005 so Im glad to now be a member of this site!

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Welcome Kitana! It's great to see more members here on the English forum.

Enjoy your stay and I hope you have fun here. emoji

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Welcome to Ratchet Galaxy Kitana emoji Glad to see more new people around! Hope you enjoy your stay!

Hai! :3

I'm Suki Gotan, 18 years old, completely new in the Ratchet & Clank franchise, but I'm already a big fan of our favourite Lombax (and anything else that relates to Lombaxes at all)

Despite my lack of gaming-platforms (only PS3, PS2 broke emoji ), I still enjoy walking around, smashing stuff with my wrench and shooting creature's their butts off!

And now; I don't know anything more to tell :3
Greets, Suki

welcome to RG SukiGotan we hope that you enjoy your stay here emoji

Welcome to RG Suki emoji

thank you thank you and thank you! emoji I'm sure I'll be fine here!

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Welcome Suki to Ratchet Galaxy! Hope you enjoy your stay here.

Before you start posting comments, I suggest check out the General Etiquette thread for what you can and cannot do in the forums.

In your previous post, you introduced yourself, which is fine, but you didn't had the word "a**es" censored.

Just for next time, use mild or strong cuss words in Bleeps, or have it censored at least. Now we're not saying this because we are full on Christians and believe that swearing is bad, but there could be some young members here on the forum and we don't want to teach them some naughty words, alright? Thanks. emoji

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Welcome to Ratchet Galaxy SukiGotan emoji Always nice to have more members around! Enjoy your stay here too!


sure, I changed the word while still maintaining it's context. I hope that's better than the A-word I used. emoji
I also checked out some profiles, and I noticed that quite some people here are < 16, so I'll bear in mind not to use words that need censoring emoji

*waits patiently for Necro post-BAN*

'Ello. I do really hate making intro threads, as I rather have a Ask Carbon thread~ or something. I'll try my best, so please forgive m0i.

Info on me, names' Bryan, I like cars (if you wanna talk car, I am going to be the self proclaimed speed nut on here), airsoft (also resident gun and airsoft nut), using my mind, reading, designing/drawing/artistic person. Anything more that you would like to know, you can just PM me. I am 16 going on 17 in Dec., and a junior at some high school in some desert in California.

If the name sounds familiar, I'm on a bunch of sites, either with this handle, or the longer, carbonfibreguy. I have another but it kind of is my password ATM so, yeah lol.

Hi I'm JahRon Love. I'm 18 years old. I've been a Ratchet and Clank Fan since 2007, when I first played "Ratchet: Deadlocked". I though the series was pretty cool. Then, late 2009, I played 1,2, and 3. I INSTANTLY fell in love with the series.emoji Im glad to have discovered this site (although it wasn't in english at first).emoji
Other than that im a High School graduate heading to college. I enjoy drawing and all types of art, and that's it I guess. emoji

Nice to meet everyone! emoji