Thread: Introduce yourself

Our guys are quite crazy when it comes to such type of gaming.
Well, if it's censored than good for you, I suppose : D better not to learn something like that when you're only beginner

Funny how gamers could make "С*ка бл*т" the most famous Russian phrase emoji

Ahahaha :"D
I wish Russian memes could be as popular as this phrase full of swearwords :"D

Hey maybe we should go to another thread? The talk has been going on for quite a while and already became kind of "off-top"

Yeah, maybe we should've talked about this in the Really Random Thread

I'm Parisian. That definitely defines me, I think.

I have a French humor. Normal.
I am 23 years old, and I am at the end of studies, in research. I like to go out. I am a free woman from the middle earth. I am also a journalist for video games. I know how to write, in French only. I write a book about Ratchet and Clank. I am aiming for 200-300 pages, if I have faith.

Otherwise I often hang out at the Jardin du Luxembourg, and I eat strawberries.

Otherwise, I read the fictions of Ratchet 50.

I am french too.

I am in research of studies. I have the french humor too.

Also, I'm a Malo.

Otherwise I write the fictions of Ratchet 50.

Hi I'm certainly not from France because I posess the ability of 'self-respect' but I speak French, although in a way french people are apparently not intelligent enough to understand.
I spend my time speaking about philosophy because I have nothing better to do.
I am also quite fond of the whole 'life' thing. It's quite nice really.

Nice, new members. Let's hope you can all stay here for long.

Nice, new members. Let's hope you can all stay here for long.

They're actually from the French forum. They just decided to come here and say hi. emoji

If they are new here, they are still new members of the English site emoji

Hi. I just found this place about a day ago. I decided to get back into RnC stuff.

Hello there! Hope you enjoy being in this site!

Hi,i am a new guy on forums,but i was unable to resist going into one of my favorite franchiseemoji

Also,does anybody know how to change my avataremoji