Thread: Glitches in all Ratchet and Clank games.


This is a glitch of RaCF:ACIT

lol I remember seeing that video once I have a few glitches of that game myself ….. before my dazzle choose not to work anymore

I moved this to general discussions, since it concerns all the R&C games emoji

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glith on planet Quantos,Zolar Forest emoji

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Nice, i also have glitches in the ratchet and clank Games, here are the links:

Thanks for watching, please rate and comment, i want to know your opinion

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I was talking about all the glitches but I have time and mood to look at all and looked only to your other one, I really did not have the mood nor time.

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I've encountered one of the most unexpected glitches in a Ratchet game ever. Unfortunately I do not have a video on this, so I'll explain the best of what happened in this glitch in A Crack in Time.

It happened in planet Torren IV. I got killed in the factory area by those stomp-er devices. Then when I came back alive, I was outside of the factory but the thing that really surprised me that there was no ground at all. It looked like that I was walking on air. emoji The glitch stopped until I entered back into the factory.

This glitch just really surprised me that easily when that happened.

When I was playing Ratchet and Clank 1, I was on Pokitaru swimming in the water. Now, I think you all know that you can swim so far, then you are stopped by an invisible wall. But as I was swimming underwater, there must've been a break in this barrier or something because I went out beyond it, and then Ratchet's falling animation started to play (keep in mind the water had dissappeared and was replaced with air), except I wasn't falling and I could move forewards and backwards. Eventually, I would go foreward so far, then he would actually randomly fall down and die, but it waas weird.

I wish I remembered where this break was now though -_-

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Wow those are some insane glitches there! Unfortunately I don't have much spare time to see them all…

But a few weeks ago while me and my brother were playing Ratchet Gladiator/Deadlocked (Co-op adventure mode) this is what happened…

We were just completing a challange and then out of nowhere, my brother turned into a Pig! (like those pigs you transform people into with the Morph-mod) and he could control the pig for a moment and then it exploded, then the timer went off (that timer where your Co-op partner respawns) but he never re-spawned! After the counter ended, a 'weapons pack' appeared! (Yes, the same pack as in the Multilayer mode where you can steal their weapons) except this was in ADVENTURE mode and when I went to collect the weapons pack myself… the game crashed emoji

It was so strange.