Thread: Worlds and Planets in Ratchet and Clank 1

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What were your favourite worlds and planets to go to in the first Ratchet and Clank game?

Here's my list!

Novalis - Tobruk Crater - It's one of the most memorable places I remember in this game, whether it is the gameplay or some of the cinematic moments. There are certain paths to enter to, a lively environment to explore and gold weapons (only in challenge mode) that you can obtain in this planet.

Kerwan - Metropolis - I seriously think Metropolis in this game had the best level layout and design overall. It was huge, it had different paths and secret areas (to grab gold bolts) to go into. It's also the first time we meet Helga and Al here in this place too.

Pokitaru - Jowai Resort - Soothing music, charming fun atmosphere and a world that you can swim around in with no big fishes trying to gobble you up.

Oltanis Orbit - Gemilk Base - it might be a very linear level layout, but I do like the music score in this place a lot. Being in a place like this reminds me of Perfect Dark for some odd reason. Don't ask why, but for me it does. It also has a quite calming side to it, except when you need to defeat Qwark and some heavy space ships.

Kalebo III - Gadgetron Site - it's big, bright, fun and lively all over the place. It's also one of those worlds that I would visit very often.

and I guess that's it.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Blackwater City,Rilgar-It's the city holding the Hovercon Intergalactic Hoverboard Competition.Dark city,but fun gameplay and also full of life.

Bomb Factory,Hoven-The very first ice level in the series.Great music score,great level layout,and also a challenge to the PlanetBuster Maximus.

Gorda City,Oltanis-I wonder what this peaceful city looks like when it's not in ruins.Even though dark and rainy at the time you're here,it does have a decent level layout and epic music score.

Gadgetron Site,Kalebo III-This is it.The place where Gadgetron is located.This fun level has a great music score and great design.

Metropolis,Kerwan-One of the most memorable places in the R&C series.The beautiful buildings,everything here is memorable.This city is also full of life and color,and has a great music score.

Gemilk Base,Oltanis Orbit-Very well thought out level.Great music score and also a good boss fight.One of the longest levels in my opinion.

Jowai Resort,Pokitaru-Another memorable place.Calming soundtrack,and great level layout and atmosphere.

Robot Plant,Quartu-Yet another place to remember.This is where Clank was made and also the very first place where you turn into the famous Giant Clank.

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Pokitaru: Everyone loves this place emoji so do I! But yeah, I like how you can swim around everywhere and it has such a nice design, me likes.

Rilgar: I also like this one for some reason, has another cool design and a lot to do in it.

Oltanis: This level was HARD but it was a good challenge, and I liked the design and music. So much to do here as well and that skillpoint on here was such a pain xD

Gemlik Base: I liked the music a lot on here too, and the overall look of being out in space and then fighting Qwark later on… emoji

And well that may be it for my favourites, but I did like a lot of the other levels too.

Very much like mystical-tecnogenical Metropolis whis gardens on builds(looks like "The Sinqume Element"'s NY). Also, i like Pokitaru's resorts. They seems like Havai, maybe Pokitaru's resorts was prototype of real Havai.

kerwan and rilgar had awesome music and alyout and were the most famous afterall they came back in UYA. however my favorite level is veldin (tutorial level veldin not boss level veldin) it was bright nice music an amazing intro to the RandC world that we all adore!!!!

Pokitaru! And Veldin is too good. emoji

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Top 5 time:

5-Jawai Resort, Pokitaru: It felt so… Opened. And that's what I want in a video-game, an opened world so you can explore.

4-Robot Plant, Quartu: I liked turning into Giant Clank and kicking some Robot Butt.

3-Tobruk Crater, Novalis: When I was 2 I always got to this level and kept dying, only in 2004 I got the hang of it. Oh Nostalagia.

2-Metropolis, Kerwan: This was my favourite level when I was a kid (by the way I still am) and you can't imagine the hours I spent here clibing buildings without touching Eudora.

1-Gadgetron Site, Kalebo III: This has to be one of my favourite places in R&C History, It was really bright colourfull for one of the last levels, something later Ratchet and Clank games didn't capture so well and I loved hoverboarding and grinding. Same as Metropolis I passed here a lot of time.

Preety much it

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Pokitaru was the best since you could swim around emoji

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My favourite planet in number once would be pokitaru aswell since you could swim around in it

My favorite is probably Outpost X11, Aridia. I liked it the first time I played it, especially the music. I could really rank any others since I liked a lot of the levels.

I liked the Gemik Base the most.
I liked the music, the level layout and the dark atmosphere. It had quite a different thing going on to the other levels. There were the turrets, the towers and that room near the end where there were enough enemies to freeze my PS2 (so I played through that part Slender style, except I was shooting them) I also liked that it was quite long, and you got to explore the entire base.

My second favorite would be Veldin (second visit)
I liked Veldin because it required the player to use all their gadgets and a good selection of weapons. You even got to crack out Giant Clank! The colours were awesome too. But best of all it was quite difficult, and long. It was a great level to end the game on in my opinion.

I kind of liked Gorda City, Oltanis simply because the first cutscene had Ratchet really come around when Clank got struck by lightning, showing that Ratchet really did care and was finally starting to mature.

I kind of liked Gorda City, Oltanis simply because the first cutscene had Ratchet really come around when Clank got struck by lightning, showing that Ratchet really did care and was finally starting to mature.

I thought it was kinda funny, I didn't expect it to happen xD

The first time I played the planet it was so hard for me that it took me about a day to play it again. And yes, a day is long for me to not play a 'new' Ratchet game.

My Top 3:

3 Jawai Resort, Pokitaru: I loved the fact you could swim around the level,and it felt like there was so much to explore there.

2 Blackwater City, the graphics of the city and the view of it looked amazing.

3 Tobruk Crater, Novalis: When I was 2 I always got to this level and kept dying, only in 2004 I got the hang of it. Oh Nostalagia.