Thread: Best Cutscenes in Ratchet and Clank 1

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I'm surprised that a thread like this wasn't made yet, but anyways…
What were you favourite cinematic moments in the first Ratchet and Clank game?

I may not remember all of them, but for the scenes that got my attention the most is the one's that I remember, which were…

- the results after Clank showed Ratchet the infobot of the Pokitaru Resort video. I just thought the conflict between Ratchet and Clank was pretty histerical, especially the way Clank got angry. emoji

- All the scenes in planet Kalebo III were pretty enjoyable too. Both meeting the Desk Girl and Ratchet and Clank being filmed for the commercial were really fun scenes to watch overall.

- All the scenes in Metropolis were great too. They are instant classics in my books.

- When Ratchet and Clank entered Qwark's HQ. I would get a huge chuckle from Qwark and Ratchet's "shouting at one another" dialogue. emoji

- The scene when the Plumber (was known as the Waterworks) was first introduced. Can't forget about the "Plumber's Crack" moment there.

And I assume that's it for now, but I'm sure there are more that I have forgotten.

part on Kalebo III when Clank is
"yo dudes, for the freshest boards in the galaxy, check out the new X_Z88 from Gadgetron, it's so hot, it's cool"

and the infobot for the Gimlik base Oltanis orbit has these cool effects of the transmission blurring, it just seems pretty epic when it does that…

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Hmm the first one that comes to mind is….

The Plumbers Crack scene emoji

But I liked a lot of cutscenes, like Al's Robo-Shack. Such as when Qwark keeps hogging the spotlight and Al is like "Ehh…." Qwark replies "You said it pal!" emoji

And well there is many more, all the Metropolis scenes XD and even the ones on Aridia with Skidd, the Orxon ones and the ones about Drek where he says "And if any of you don't like it, then you and your snot-nosed populations can go form a line behind of me and kiss my… wait, they're still on, well turn them off you idiot!!!"


For some strange reason I liked the cutscenes with Skidd…

Though it's been too long since I've played through it. And I really mean a long time. So I can't remember the cutscenes all too well.

But I also liked the Metropolis Infobot. I have those strange, "Has this ever happened to you?" moments all the time!

I can't remember all of it myself but I do remember some of my faves scenes

The first time ratchet and clank meet the plumber 'hey look plumber's crack' 'what did you just say?' 'I said hey look the plumber's back' 'alright wiseguy' emoji

Captian Qwark doing Big Al's advert 'eh …' 'you said it pal!'

The part where ratchet tried to do an advertisment about the new hoverboards (but not doing a good job at it) until clank butts in and said 'yo dudes, for the freshest boards in the galaxy, check out the new X_Z88 from Gadgetron, it's so hot, it's cool'

And my most fave part of all is where Clank sees his mother again it's so emotionally sweet (love the last bit of that scene makes me all warm and fuzzy on the inside)

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Oh yes, I also liked the scene when Clank saw his Mother again too, and especially the message she left on the screen just after he left. I bet Orvus had something to do with of course XD

Ratchet: Claaank? Do you notice anything… unusual… about Captain Quark?

Clank: He seems to have a spring where his legs should be (Can't remember the exact quote)

Ratchet: And why do you think that is?

Clank: Perhaps he lost them in an accident?

Ratchet: This isn't the real Captain Quark, you numbskull! It's a robot!

Clank: Oh?!

Dang, my memory has skipped parts of this scene, but it's one of my faves :P

My favorite cutscene is when ratchet and clan met the Commando for the first time


I loved all of the cutscenes!!! But my favourite was the one with the Commando! AT ATTENTION YOU DISERTED MAGGOTS!!! Ratchet: Look, I just wanna…- Commando: ZIP IT WORM!!!! LOLemojiemoji:oui:emojiemoji

"Did he just slide down a sewer pipe?!"