Thread: Best soundtrack in Size Matters

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What are your favourite music tracks in Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters?

I haven't played this game at all, but hearing the soundtrack here on Ratchet-Galaxy made me want to do a topic about the soundtrack in this game. And besides… we need more topic threads in the Size Matters section. emoji

Anyways, here are the tracks from Size Matters that I liked the most…

- Pokitaru - Jowai Resort
- Kalidon- Mechanoid Factory
- Outer Space - Giant Clank's Space Battle
- Outer Space - Outpost Ruins
- Dayni Moon - Farming Cooperative
- Dayni Moon - Gadgetbot Survival
- Dayni Moon - Inside Clank
- Quodrona - Clone Factory
- High Impact Games Treehouse

Yeah… my list isn't huge though, but at least there are some tracks that are worth listening to in Size Matters. :oui:

Well,I enjoyed all of the soundtracks in Size Matters,but I'll give out my Top 10 list:

10.Dayni Moon - Fixing Clank
8.Quodrona - Clone Factory
7.Kalidon - Mechanoid Factory
6.Outer Space - Outpost Ruins
5.Challax - Technomite City
4.Dreamtime - Running Through Mirrors
3.Medical Outpost Omega - Surgical Facility
2.Ryllus - The Temple

And the Number 1 is…(drumroll)

1.Kalidon - Skyboard Challenge (cymbals crash)

So that's my top 10 list.

my fav is the pokitaru one

1. quadrona, otto destruct.
2. dyani moon, gadgebot survival.
3. dreamtime, giant clank attacks.
4. kalidon, mungo.

Mine is Pokitaru - The Kidnapping!!! I love the beat of the drums!emoji

Size Matters got definitly one of the best soundtracks in the series. It got so much incredible tracks, that I can't select the best one. Pokitaru - The Kidnapping, Ryllus - The Vetega Jungle, Kalidon - Mechanoid Factory, Medical Outpost Omega - Surgical Facility, Outer Space - Outpost Ruins, Challax - Technomite City, Challax Orbit - Technomite Orbital Facilities, Gadgetbot Survival (both on Metalis and Dayni Moon), Dayni Moon - Farming Cooperative, Dayni Moon - Inside Clank… these all are my favourites emoji

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The soundtrack was mediocore in my opinion wasnt very good sound quality on the PSP :/

pokitaru - jowai resort

Pokitaru - The kidnapping.

Pokitaru - The kidnapping.

Yeah I'd agree with you with Pokitaru :oui: