Thread: What is the deal with females not having tails?

I just wanted to add something for the people who say that a female lacking a tail would be detrimental to her balance; the Manx cat is a breed of cat from the Isle of Man that lacks a tail, often having a small nub or no hint of anything at all.  Despite this however, the Manx cat can still balance perfectly fine, because the balance is controlled by the inner ear. Lombaxes are a catlike race, so this logic could easily be applied to them.

Now I personally don't mind female lombaxes with tails, without tails, or whatever. But I do have one little thing to say! How do we know it's females who are worse off? What if it's actually the males? If you ask me having a tail would probably get pretty annoying, it can get hit by stuff easily, cut off, it's hard to find clothes to fit it through, and don't even talk about going to the bathroom! If you ask me, maybe female lombaxes are the ones with the gift XD