Thread: What is the deal with females not having tails?

Seriously, what is up with that?

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Lots of people debate about this, whenever or not it's truly canon or not…

And well, who knows? Maybe the news casters (Pepper) just doesn't know everything about lombaxes and just assumed that it was a normal trait for female lombaxes to have no tails, because of Angela lacking one… (though maybe she did have one, could have been hidden like Ratchet's was in Deadlocked/Gladiator, lol!)

But yeah we won't know for sure until another female lombax FINALLY appears in the series… emoji

Well Insomniac said females don't have tails, therefore, they don't have tails, what insomniac says about the lombaxes is law (as they did create them after all) I don't mind people creating female lombax OC's with tails but I hate when people complain at the artist about it, it's not that big of a deal :

as for Ratchet not having a tail in Deadlocked, being a game developer myself, I presume because of the change of game engine from R&C: UYA to Deadlocked, I presume they had a lot of bugs involving the tail and just left it out to save time (like they did with the space leviathan in ACIT, see the insomniac museum in ACIT for more details on that) and then made up an excuse in the dialog for it not being there, thats the only reason I can see for him not having a tail in Deadlocked, why else would they leave it out?

It was IG's way to shut the fanbase up D=

I've got two reasonable explainations:

1. Angela accidently cutted it off when doing a experiment.

2.SweetT is right.

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Oh the debatable "Female Lombaxes have no tails" phase… Can the fans just let it go? emoji

Hate to be blunt here, but that certain debate was SO last year. emoji

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Well it's already obvious why Ratchet doesn't have his tail visible in Deadlocked, remember the quote…

"I can't barely breathe and my tail feels like it's shoved right up my-*gets cut off*"

emoji but yeah I agree with Tipsy though. I don't think it's such a big deal, though that may be because I'm not obsessed with lombaxes as much as other things in the R&C series *shudders* so that's just me. And yes, the Insomniac's themselves have confirmed it a few times at the forums to try and shut the fans up emoji (of course, it didn't work most of the time XD)

I'm a Lombax lover and I was sad when I heard about that, too… I actually created my own female Lombax character and she DOES have a tail. I think their tails are AWESOME! emoji

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I don't care how the male and female lombaxes look like.
I like them the way they look and the way they are;D!!!!

I never saw that. Seems you learn something new everyday. Cba to care about it tho.

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Well,thats like saying whats up with male lombaxes having tails emoji

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Well,thats like saying whats up with male lombaxes having tails emoji

And that's like saying: What's up with females not having ****.

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… That's like saying why female Lombaxes don't…. wait.. WHAT?