Thread: Favourite Weapons in Size Matters

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I didn't see a topic like this in the Size Matters section, so I thought this was the best opportunity to make a thread about the weapons in this Ratchet game.

For those who had played this game, what were your favourite weapons to use in Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters?

Optical Maser Array (OMA is a smart way of sayin' laser emoji )

The Rocket launcher Thing. (not the ryno)

I belive you are talking about the shock rocket and my fave would have to be the lacerators

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Yeah i would agree the lacerators would be my favourite too!

This is a tough one, mostly because I don't feel that the weapons really stand up to the other games in the series. The Laser is nice, but it's kinda boring to use and requires you to stand still. The Shock Rocket is probably the best weapon, in a big fight cause it hits fairly hard, and has the nice electrical side effect. But as far as fun weapons, since it doesn't have anything like a Plasma Storm, I'm gonna have to go with the Mootater (which upgrades to the lovely Armoogeddon).

Optical Maser Array! The best.

optical maser array is the best :oui:

Optical Maser Array! The best.

Agreed x1000