Thread: Awesome music

In my opinion the music was awesome in this game. emoji What do you think emoji

I'm not the sort of person that listens to music for fun, and don't know much about anything about music… But one thing I do know is that this game did have the best music IMO emoji

I love all the music of this game.They're simply awsome!My favourite is the second music in the dread zone interor :3.

Yeah, this game does have some really cool songs. Ratchet Gladiator/Deadlocked had the best soundtrack IMO. emoji


My favourite music: Catacrom Four!!!!! <3emojiemojiemojiemojiemoji

i dont play the future games only the first 4 (for a very personal reason i dont like the newer installments) and out of the 4 i think deadlocked had the most boring music out of all 4 XD 3 had best then 1, 2 wasnt memorable in terms of music (except oozla) and 4 all the music just didnt rly entertain.

I love the music in this game! I like the orchestrated music better, but this techno like music is also very cool! Especially 'As the Wrench Turns'.

I'm the type who listens to music all the time! Not only the R&C games but other games that have good music, example: the Infamous series, music gives all games a bit of expression to it, but my favourite soundtrack in Ratchet and Clank is Rilgar - Blackwater city!

I listen to music all the time too! I like the music from infamous as well.

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Ah! I'm actually listening to the OST as I send this. x3 I like 'Challenged Failed,' for some reason. emoji

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Good music but not as good as ACRIT

When it comes to my favorite OST I'm going for A Crack in Time as well. Everything about that game is perfect… I can't really find a minus.

I really did love the music in Gladiator, it suited the game perfectly as well emoji

I really did love the music in Gladiator, it suited the game perfectly as well emoji

Much people say they don't like Gladiator, but i loved it!