Thread: Files in the disk of RCF:ToD

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I'll let you know in a PM if you like, I forgot where I found it but it is very handy (makes finding the files much easier, but it does have some problems sometimes with filenames) might have to send it over msn or so emoji

And those are really interesting too. I still find it funny how the Japanese Ratchet has just the black eyebrows copied and pasted over the original model XD (someone said while playing the Japanese version, sometimes you can see his original brown eyebrows underneath!) have you been able to find the original pre-rendered cinematics too? I dont think I was able to find those in QfB.

You could PM me if you wish.

But yes, the pre-rendered cinematics were in the "movies" folder like those renders. Those settings for BINK I posted earlier today were for playing them with the English audio. I find it odd QfB doesn't have the cinematics in the folder. Maybe IG didn't go through the troble of pre-rendering them and decided just to use the game engine to render the cinematics real-time.

And then there is a completely Japanese version of the 2007 E3 video, which is a bit different from the normal E3 trailer.

Should I post them here?

Next I'm going to see if I can get to read the ACiT disc.

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Ok I'll send a PM shortly!

And yeah, I noticed that I couldnt find any cinematic files on QfB, must be a special format just for that game then (Since Im sure a few of the cutscenes are prerendered) would be cool to find files on CiT too, although it might be more hidden as it being a newer game and all, heh.

Thanks. First check found over 1500 tracks in just the Apogee Space Station level. That includes all of the localisation files too though as well as double English (even though the voiceover is the same in both British and American versions, only the spelling in menus differ) since the game seems to require separate audio tracks for all of the localisation versions.

But for QfB, I don't really know what they have decided to do. It seems illogical for me to have to add a 3D model of Nefarious for the last cutscene only. Furthermore, the "book" sequences seem to be pre-rendered, or at least they could be.

I took a look on the ACiT disk, and those cutscenes were BINK Video as well. Sadly the drive doesn't work well enough most of the time to read the whole disk, so I couldn't take a look on the other things on the disk.

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Ah now that is interesting. But it is kinda annoying when I end up finding tons of sound effect files, rather than the voices xD there probably is a lot of unseen or unheard stuff on there somewhere.

But yeah, I'd really like to get a Blu-ray drive too, eventually. They're still a bit expencive though, so Im waiting for the price to go down a bit more.

Yeah, there are the ambient sounds in the level files where the lines are as well.

By the way, I decided to download the ToD Japanese ('Ratchetto & Kuranku FUTURE'emoji demo, and it's XMB background was different from the US and EU versions, as it also had the Japanese Ratchet with green trousers and the black eyebrows. That led me to think there might be other unseen stuff on the other versions of the disks (the one I read with the BD drive was European and I also have the American one because I find it far neater than the European one). I tried to read the American disk with the drive, but the computer locked up while trying to browse the files because of the issues in the BD drive. To me all looked similar to the European version, but the Japanese on must be different as neither the European nor the American disks had the Japanese XMB background as an option.

Even though the American disk shows the American name "Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction" in the XMB menu, it still chooses the European localisation "Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction" while trying to play, as it must recognise my PS3 as a European one. To actually play the Japanese game as it is in Japan one should probably have a Japanese console, or otherwise it would just choose the local localisation. Even changing the language doesn't seem to help.

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To me it felt the Japanese Ratchet even had a different expression on his face (when compared to that Western World one above), but maybe the black eyebrows just distracted me. I thought of buying the Japanese version as well, but paying €24 for the game and another €25 for the shipping doesn't really sound that attractive. At least the American version was as cheap as the European one with shipping included.

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Oh this is so cool, have you found any new things as of yet?
And i could use my computers normal drive right for PS2 games that is?, Or do i need an ancient apple mac style drive to access it like i used to?

Oh this is so cool, have you found any new things as of yet?
And i could use my computers normal drive right for PS2 games that is?, Or do i need an ancient apple mac style drive to access it like i used to?

I haven't found anything new since I've been busy with life and such. Anyway, I thought I could check through the files sooner or later.
And a normal DVD reader works well for those PS2 games.

EDIT: I just remembered I got to read save the ACiT disk on my HDD, as well as the new A4O. Furthermore, it can't be impossible to obtain the PS3 disks' disk images or rips through other means. As long as you have the physical disks it shouldn't be *that* illegal.