Thread: The Funniest Quotes in All 4 One *Possible Spoilers Ahead*

Spog: Where are all the minions
Computer: They are afraid to fight commender.
Spog: Well then LIE, thell them there is a party in sector five with cake and presents and, I dont know make something up.
Computer: Minions, there is a party in sector five, with cake and presents, and absolutly no thret to your life whatsoever.

That one was also very funny!

Oh and another funny one was when Leon was entering the password for the Hall of Paradoxology


And yeah, I loved the last one you mentioned a lot as well.

yea, I cracked up at that one actually, a real lol! Infact it almost became a real rofl!

It's not a quote, or really that funny, but I found Spog's voice to be EPIC!

Man that guy wa- IS cool (because ulike Vorselon, they ddnt kill him!

Another good funny Spog vs computer moment!

Computer: (cant remember the start) "Recomend you count down from five"
Spog: *sigh* five, four, three- you know, I dont have time for this!"

I bieleve that was just before the whole "Party in Sector five" Thing?

EDIT: MORE! That Steward is funny! "Attention interlopers, your gadget certification diplomas now bear the shameful mark of the frowny face. Feel the sting of disapproval." and "See? No more Gold Stars. Try putting that on the fridge."

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There are so many funny scenes that I dont know where to begin with them XD but really, all the new characters are really cool. I like them all, and Spog is awesome too as you guys said XD

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ratchettruler or watever i dont care it says wats our favorite not just u dont tell me wat to put.

I don't know what you're trying to say here, but I did mention everyone in this thread to put spoiler tags for funny quotes from cinematic sequences or lines from the game that could contain major spoilers. Ratchetruler was just following the rules of the first post here, so if anyone in this forum continues to splurge out spoilers from the cutscenes without spoiler tags, then I'm afraid I'm going to start deleting posts in this topic. This is a final warning!

Okay, let's move on.