Thread: Updates?

I have noticed that scince All 4 One's release, the site has not updated. Anybody know how to get the action going again? Can't have a sotial site witch is quiet. :/

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Everyone is playing A4O and being busy with the upcoming Christmas?
Even the French site has had only two updates which were only small. I guess updates come when it's their time. Fansites' updates often cease for a while after the launch of a new game.

A thing we've got is that new winter/Christmas-themed background. I also find that winter logo neat.

The forums have been a lot more active in my opinion though. There are more posts per day than before.
I haven't been that active personally since I have been busy with life and such.

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A lot of users here (including myself) have been pretty occupied with life like school and work at the meantime, so it's pretty difficult to get any free time to post any new articles on the main page.

On the bright side though, we have the forums as a back-up to post threads with the latest news on the Ratchet and Clank franchise, though sometimes it isn't too convenient to use for finding out any new information compared to posting an article.

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I admit I haven't been on much, but I am starting to appear more now (since my partner went back overseas emoji ) but I am still busy, because it's getting close to Christmas. My job is becoming very demanding now :S but the good thing about that, is the extra money heh.

I haven't even had time to finish All 4 One at 100% XD

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You're not the only one Tara. emoji

Speaking of being quiet lately, has anyone checked the latest article yet? emoji

Me, I really only log in when I have something to say. I'm on a gap since I finished year 12.

Hey guys, just wanted to tell you that All 4 One's weapons and gadgets sections have been updated. Environments should come pretty soon. It has taken some time to be put online since we had to make it for both the french and english versions, but we hope we can bring even more during the coming holidays emoji

Also, you need to know that not all the french news can be brought to the english version, since they might not really interest you. For example, the latest french article is all about a french videogames convention during which we gathered more than 30 members of the site.
You can always check the video, but I'm not sure it would matter so much to the english community.

Anyway, do not hesitate to tell me if you think I'm wrong.