Thread: Knowledge Imputs

Hey Guys

It would be cool if the members could add to the information on this site because 95% of the members are bound to know heaps about Weapons, Characters, Gadgets, Worlds and so on

So maybe you could add a button or get exclusive membership so people could make this site betteremoji

Good idea!

Isn't that what the Ratchet wiki's for?

Isn't that what the Ratchet wiki's for?

I think it would be good if we could send material to the staff to use after they have checked, formatted and modified it to fit the site, as the staff can be busy which means it may take ages for them to fill in the missing parts. That would speed it up a bit since the text wouldn't have to be completely written from scratch by the staff. Those parts of text that aren't good enough could just be scrapped.

yes thats what i mean and it would be very helpfull