Thread: Rare Ratchet and Clank Collectibles

So, I was in one of the local thrift stores this evening and came across something that may not be rare to most, but is something that I have only seen pictures of online, a Ratchet & Clank Up Your Arsenal demo disc. So, because it's something that I consider a collectible, I will frame it and hang it up.

Nice find! Was it a loose disc or did it come with a paper sleeve? (Or plastic, but then it was probably a promo disc, not a demo)

Actually it's very easy to see:

Disc = clear with blue text: Promo Disc (contains full game. Given to journalists or given away as prices)
Disc = blue with clear text: Demo Disc (has small chuncks of the game. Most likely givem away for free with a gaming magazine subscription)
Disc = clear with red text: Beta disc (used for testing purposes. Never given to the public in any way)

…you know. Aside from the fact the disc says "(…emoji only - not for resale" in various languages at the top of it.

It says right on it, Not for Resale Demo Disc. it wasn't in it's original packaging though, just a generic clear cd case.

Great find, though! I didn't know the US received these with print! I thought you'd found this one:

User image

But you actually own this one:

User image

yes, but as I mentioned before, unfortunately, it didn't come with the original case, it came in something like this, User image

Local game store stocked  up on Stubbins! They're so soft!

Really happy to have Sly now. He can keep Ratchet company! I'll be going back to pick up Nathan Drake and Clank too... some day.

Bought another fun item on my vacation. It lights up too!