Thread: Missing music in the HD version

The wiki lists it as a difference between the Collection and the original game, so I'm thinking it's just something they changed. For some reason…

Actually, it's a glitch : it comes from a glitched trigger-line. What you have to do if you really want to hear the original final boss theme is to go back to the very beginning of the level on foot (and probably without dying too). The reason you have to do this is because you'll automatically activate the trigger-line once you leave the final boss area and it will stick with you forever.
So when you finally arrive at the beginning of the level, all you have to do is to use the teleporter near your ship and the music will still be there.
Now just enjoy battling the final boss of the game with the original music! emoji

Okay, I'll try that.

I thought it was just be, I swore there was different music.
There are a couple of things that are só not right about this game. I rather have Sanzaru on the job. They did a great job on the Sly Collection. Nothing was wrong with it.

Are these just occuring on the European release, or are they occuring in the American release too. I was wondering whether they would have fixed any bugs from the EU version in the NA version. They also got way cooler boxart emoji

Also, I don't think they'll be releasing any patches for the games, as there is no game data on the PS3 HDD. The games run straight from disc, so there's nothing the patches can overwrite/modify etc…
Which kinda sucks.

It might be fixable if you got the game by PSN purchase.

The Sly Collection was probably better because it was easier to port. The PS2 R&C games were very hard to run on the PS3 and gave a lot of trouble. If you play the games on the original PS3s that played PS2 games you will see how they didn't work well. Lets not forget the multiplayer was set up for the PS3, which is a pretty big deal.

The game CAN be patched, but Sony probably wont get it patched because it is just another collection, and as it's quite clear, these collections don't mean all that much to Sony.

Download the final boss song from this website ( emoji ) and set it to repeat on an ipod or something. Then mute the in-game music. emoji

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I never noticed fighting him the first time in the HD version so I went back and fought him again and it was the same for me,the music just stayed normal.