Thread: ITN Review: Evolution of the Series

I'm new around here, so let me introduce myself by exclaiming the fans are in for a game they didn't see coming with Into the Nexus. If you're a fan of this series, don't think for a second about skipping out on this one because Insomniac have crafted yet another jaw-dropping and highly innovative entry in the series. I got my hands on Into the Nexus early via Ebay and completed it 100%. For those skeptical about this one, I'm going to give a brief review of what you guys are in for; MINOR SPOILERS. A rash way I could describe Nexus is it's almost Ratchet & Clank's "Dark Knight Rises"… it's wrapping up loose-ends and fulfilling the Future saga… but at the same time… leaving exponential room and potential to capitalize with a BIGGER story arc (and yes, I guess this makes ToD Batman Begins and ACIT was the Dark Knight… it's fitting) First off, let me emphasize that this game is the polar opposite of A4O's lighter, family-friendly approach to the franchise. This isn't a kids game. The atmosphere is reminiscent of Jak II and Star Wars: The Clone Wars in that it's a steady balance of dramatic storytelling and touches of humor. The game doesn't make you feel "too melancholy"; Qwark has a knack for lighting up the mood in scenes with his dimwitted remarks, but expect a serious overall experience. The start of the game eases you in with a normal format of Ratchet and Clank play, but as soon as you complete the first level, you'll immediately notice Insomniac are taking the series in a darker and edgier direction. You'd be fooled because the trailers are deceiving and don't showcase the shift in tone, and Insomniac don't go in depth on it aside from statements that game is "spookier". This was probably devised to be a surprise. To reiterate what I'm saying, it follows the same narrative maturity of ToD, QFB and ACIT, but rather than a PIXAR-esque tone, the series has developed into a PG-13 "Clone Wars"-esque atmosphere with traces of PIXAR conventions. Insomniac takes a lot of risks with this game…

EDGY and shocking deaths of major characters, a few light swears, i.e. screw, crap, ass, damn…

It's an evolution of the narrative that players will interpret subjectively.

I'd argue the decisions Insomniac made for this game will forever change the franchise. From the modernized controls that play smooth as butter to the dark internal vibe and shock-value, this is a very important installment in the franchise. This is the TRUE sequel to A Crack in Time we've been anticipating and it's possibly one of the most innovative installments to come. I don't want to ruin the experience for anybody who doesn't want to be spoiled. I've been getting questions concerning the game's length, ending, etc… so I want to ask politely for the sake of those who want to get the same shocks I got from this masterpiece to keep away from spoilers! You'll thank me later. If you have the game, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Nice review. It's gonna be a tough week waiting for ItN and you just made it toughter emoji Welcome to RG Shadow Son emoji

Nice review, can't wait to get this game emoji

What about the music ?

Well then Shadow Son, Welcome to RG, the people here are always welcoming to new comers, I found this out on various posts, Hope your time at RG will be as good as it has been for me.

I can't wait!!!!

Cool story and all, but how're the weapons, gadgets and overall gameplay?

Nice review, can't wait to get this game emoji

What about the music ?

Unlike A4O's repetitive and cheesy soundtrack, Michael Bross builds upon the game's foundation of dark and spooky themes with a varied soundtrack that fits in with each subsequent level and atmosphere of said level. It's a combination of the PlayStation 2 Ratchet & Clank games' synthesized-style and the Future Saga's serious orchestra. When it comes to dramatic cutscenes, the eerie orchestral music packs a punch and kicks the emotional bond you feel with each character. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how much the atmosphere and orchestra coincide to create an eerie Ratchet experience, it honestly gave me goosebumps.

One other plus about Nexus is the antagonists of the game aren't goofy aside from two silly scenes with a gag of Neftin hooking a thug to the face with his gargantuan-sized fist, Vendra and Neftin are serious antagonists with eerie goals and the performances of both will draw you in like a magnet. I was very connected to Vendra's plight. She's menacing, ruthless, and "cold… in a way I've never seen". Neftin has the same errie intentions as Vendra, but he's not willing to kill just to get his way. This leads to disputes between the two on how to go about their plan. The dialogue is very well-written and engaging.

Damn that's awesome!!

Cool story and all, but how're the weapons, gadgets and overall gameplay?

Also, how's the presentation (aside from music)?

you'll immediately notice Insomniac are taking the series in a darker and edgier direction.

I'm glad to see Insomniac Games returning to their old routes of crude humour and slightly scarier levels.I can understand why their aiming for a young audience but I really hope the Ratchet and Clank games in the future return to the classic humour big explosions and kick-ass weaponry.