Thread: Favourite Starting Outfit

Here's another useless thread.
These are usually my favourite armours in the Ratchet and Clank games, so I wanted to make a thread dedicated to them.
What is your favourite starting outfit?
If you need a reminder here's a list:

Old School:
User image

Commando Suit:
User image

Alpha Combat Suit:
User image

Marauder Armour:
User image

Pilot Suit:
User image

Scavenger Suit:
User image

Holoflux Armour:
User image

New Pilot Suit:
User image

Nebulox Armour:
User image

My favourite is a tie between the Commando Suit and The Scavenger Suit. I think that they just look the coolest because not only are they simple and not too bulky, but they're also green.
That and they have the coolest artwork.


How unexpected.

How unexpected.

Actually just old school.
(And it has got nothing to do with your avatar)

I also like the Old School vest, but I don't think any wrench other than the white one really looks good on him, so I never use him in UYA.
I also dislike the Thruster Pack. I know it's useful but it looks awful.

HoloFlux all the way. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw the PAL boxart.

Haha, I knew you were going to say that emoji
I think it looks fine, my only problem with it are those shoulder pads. I think it would've looked amazing without them.

I'm a sucker for shoulderpads ^^

TOD pilot suit. Just wished it had stripes on the arms.

I actually like him without arm stripes. I even draw him without them for some reason.
I think they look a bit odd to be honest.

I loved Old Skool Ratchet I found that it suited the gameplay of R&C 1