Thread: The Star Wars Thread

How could you not know who John Williams is Animovie!? Yeah, I'm still butthurt about it.

what happened to force unleashed i really liked that story

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"Star Wars Battlefront takes place during the original film trilogy"

Ah, well that's one game I'm probably not getting this year emoji

why not

Cancelled my pre-order. Even freaking Battlefield has a single player campaign, why doesn't Star Wars. I don't want a game you can only play online, online is boring.

you mean you dont like games that are online and dont have a multiplayer when it should, if thats what you mean i agree

What? No single-player campaign on Battlefront 3? Hope they at least have single-player custom battle mode.

I was mildly concerned when I heard "Battlefront (unnumbered reboot)" was being developed by EA/Dice. I was mildly disheartened when they said there would not be space battles. I was majorly disappointed when they said there would not be a Galactic Conquest mode; and now I learn there won't even be a single player campaign?
Not only that but the facebook post screenshot implies that Hoth, Tatooine, Endor and Sullust will be the only non-DLC maps - compared the the preceding Battlefront games which each had many, many more maps.

I think they just lost themselves a potential customer…

EA's done a good job, eh? Back then, Battlefront had lots of maps, and DLC-free!

I've been looking forward to this game for a year now, when suddenly: Oh, I forgot to mention. There's no singleplayer''

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Less maps? I understand
Less people to play with? Couldn't care less.
No aerial combat? Fine.
Day One DLC? I know where you can put that, but I'll manage.
No Galactic conquest? I'll live.
Less classes? Pretty dumb, but again; I'll manage.
Less vehicles? I prefer running and gunning anyway.
No prequel era? Sucks, but fine. If you need to.

No campaign? You just dug you're own grave, killed my hype, killed the little respect I had left for EA and DICE! I'm not getting this game anymore.

Loads of lesser things? Then what did they expect from making a game with loads of "lesses"? And about less map, oh, I hope more will be available in the upcoming updates (and not in a form of expensive DLCs!)

Here's a handy list:

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The remaining part of the game will, obviously, be DLC.

What's wrong with EA? Even Pandemic could make a better, no, two Battlefronts that are better than the ine this year!

I've heard that list is allegedly mostly fake; But that claim came from an enraged fanboy rather than official sources, so until EA or Dice can either confirm or deny anything on that list themselves, I will continue to assume everything on that list is indeed accurate.
I'm seriously done with EA at this point. They'll be lucky if they can ever redeem themselves in my eyes.

I'll agree with everything said already. I was pretty stoked when I saw the latest video, but hearing all this really bums me out. I like online play , but I I'll always like single player stories a little more. Oh well. I'll probably give it a shot anyway.