Thread: The poll discussion thread

This week's poll: Favorite Giant Clank gameplay?

1) RaC 1
2) RaC GC
3) RaC UYA
4) RaC SM

This week's poll: Favorite wrench replacement?

1) Lightsaber
2) Alister's wrench
3) Chronocepter
4) Rubber chicken

This week's poll: Favorite Video Game Video of the Year?

1) Ratchet & Clank
2) Angry Birds
3) Warcraft
4) Assassins Creed

We can admit they all sucked, but here's to a hopefully 2017 emoji

Natürlich Nummer 1! That's the only video game movie I got hyped for this year.

Since we are on the topic of Boss Battles, a new poll is out that will determine which is the hardest Boss of all!

1) Chairman Drek
2) The Protopet
3) Nefarious (any)
4) Emperor Tachyon

I think that anyone that remembers anything about Tools of Destruction (and didn't cheat, and use the RYNO) will agree with me and vote Tachyon.

EDIT: Also, for next week maybe do the endurance bosses

Klunk (Challenge Mode)
Thugs for Less Giganto Mech
Lord Vorselon (Hard)
Chainblade (Wrench Expert Challenge, Challenge Mode)

Wrench expert is easy: do the tag team, and wait until the very end to defeat chainblade. Then, wait until the very end to defeat B2 brawler without getting hit. Easiest skill points ever :oui:

It's been a while since I made a poll, so…

Favorite deleted scene?

1) Ratchet's devastation
2) Battle of Aleero City
3) Brax versus Mr Zurkons
4) Qwark and the water cooler

I'm sure there are others favored, but I chose the 4 most influential scenes.