Thread: What's with the pink colour scheme in into the nexus?

I don't have a problem with it, but the previous games didn't really have a colour scheme.

It kinda reminds me of Obani Draco.

"Nether" scheme. That's why. Also, other games DID have have color schemes: GC and FFA are blue. UYA is Orange. Deadlocked is Red. SM is yellow.

I understand the nether parts, but it's also other stuff, such as the RYNO 7 and the thugs 4 less logo. Also, I didn't mean the HUD colours.

Well, some weapons ran on Nether energy. Ratchet's armor ran on Nether energy, and so did the Grav Tether.

I get what you mean. But is there anything wrong with a game having a relatively strict colourscheme?

I'll bet Tony Garcia had something to do with this game… or if he didn't, he probably wishes he did. Because he's responsible for most of the pink things in previous R&C games. But he didn't do Obani Draco, which is funny, because he was told off for using too many pink effects, and then this level came into being. He wasn't all that happy.

Tony was an Insomniac back in the days of R&C1, 2, and 3. I know this stuff because of the Developer Commentaries he does with Mike Stout.

I guess every color scheme has a purpose… The blue in GC/FFA can suggest something fresh, a new start. The orange in UYA might be inspired from explosions and destruction, or idk. The red in RG simply points out the blood spill and the gore of the arena, even if the game doesn't actually show it. So, the black + purple-ish colors in Nexus might suggest the more darker and serious atmosphere of the game, with the deaths of Cronk and Zephyr and the whole responsibility thing and blah blah blah…
emoji Just a silly attempt to explain the color schemes, they might as well mean nothing.
By the way, please tell me I'm not the only one annoyed by the fact that all fully upgraded weapons in ItN are golden. For me, their former good looks are ruined!