Thread: your own ratchet and clank avatar

the tiltle says it all what would yours be


I second that, 'WHAT?'

To expand, we don't know what this is.

He means a persona, for role playing.
I used to have one for StarFox. Guess what her name was, c'mone guess. Heather Grace McDonnell. Aha, look at that. It's where my nickname came from. emoji

Okay, I follow.

I alway thought I'd be a lombax scientist.

Didn't there used to be a role playing section here?

I remember there being talk of one, if one ever existed it was before my time. emoji I would like one, though.

Didn't there used to be a role playing section here?

Roleplaying? Isn't that like a tumblr thing?

I heard role-playing is banished from around these places. Anyways I always imagined myself as either a Lombax scientist or a Cazar rogue thief who is addicted to hazelnuts.

Used to be a Hyves thing. Gosh, it's been 6 years or something since they pulled the plug on that one. T'was pretty fun back then. emoji

I'd be a smart super-villan like Nefarious with even more humour! emoji

Let me be your right hand emoji

your own chacter like if you could create ratchet in your own way what would it be like ?