Thread: my cat

i love sooooo much my cat

You gotta post this stuff in really random thred dude…

Deleted user

You gotta post this stuff in really random thread dude…

No seriously, stop create new threads, there are always useless.

We don't care, stop this now or you will get ban forever emoji

Oh my god ! With this information, my life will never be the same

Is it going for a better or a worse life? It's important because, you know, cat secrtly control the entire world

Actually, the cats are my secret servant to conquer the world

Deleted user

Well, this is pretty interesting.

What's a "cat"?

*sigh* I'm really getting tired of these pointless threads from Ratchetfan12345…

First of all, this should have just been posted in the Really Random thread instead of being a new topic. Second, what is this doing in the R&C PS4 section? It has nothing to do with R&C for PS4.

It appears that even after I warned him multiple times about creating useless threads and going off-topic, he still won't listen… emoji

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