Thread: Ps4 compatibility

Can PS3 games be played on the PS4 as I want to play all the ratchet and Clank games that came out on PS3 and I currently only have a PS2 so was thinking of getting a PS4 so just wanted to know if I can play PS3 games on it

Sadly, no. There is PS Now, though, but its a streaming service, and you're essentially paying to rent games you may already own. I know that ItN is on there, but I dunno about the other games. You may be better off getting a PS3 if you want to own those R&C games.

Yes, PS3s are getting pretty cheap now. I'd recommend getting one. Although it would be awfully nice of Sony to let us play our PS3 games on the PS4… it would also be nice for them to let us play our games downloaded off of their discs without the discs. But these are just dreams that will almost certainly never come true. PlayStation Now is the only way to play PS3 games, but it's only a good deal if you like a good variety of games and plan on playing the games fairly regularly. Infact it's a really good deal if that is the case and your internet is really top-notch.