Thread: Release of the next Ratchet and Clank Title?

Yeah, I can agree that some of the games humor were just not that funny, some lines were even kinda cringey (like that #Gadgetron). Well, with no movie to follow, no Rainmaker, no Blockade, no "foreigners" to help with the story, just Insomniac and Sony, we can all hope the next game would be filled with good humor, less unnecessary lines (seriously the commentators in both Rilgar and Kalebo III's hoverboard races need to stop giving so much comment on Ratchet), and Clank won't be a soulless robot anymore. We just have to wait.

Yea, to be honest the new game has left a bad taste in my mouth. One of my favourite things about the R&C series has always been how I could immerse myself in the world through likeable and funny characters, and interesting plots and worlds, all with very good presentation and animation. It's always been pretty consistent.

This new game has poor story structure, hurt by trying to tie into the movie, and this is a shame because I actually always really admired the character development of R&C over the first game, and Qwark over the original 3. It's a real shame to see them have a reestablished origin story as weak as this.

I mean, they clearly have't forgotten how to continue with the good gameplay design, and nice graphics. Although the map designs I found to be really at their best when they were most similar to the original, because really, that did have pretty good level designs.

We've seen this sort of poor animation before with character interactions in ToD and ACiT, but then it was worse, and more forgivable. Because back then there were plenty of cutscenes that were well animated with much larger plot significance, and those games had a very different focus from the original. The original game's story was mostly coming from he interactions between Ratchet & Clank and some NPC, and a lot of life wen't into this. I miss it, and I know the classic Insomniacs do too. I mean just look at Insomniac's stream of Ratchet & Clank (PS2), where Ted Price just can't help get exited at watching all the NPC scenes. He really likes them.

And I really hate saying this, as it makes me sound like such a downer, but... I just didn't find anything in this game funny. cringy at times, yes. But not a good cringe like the UK Office. The humour is just so different now, but I don't think they'll shift it back anytime soon. For now, I just have my hopes set in the next game having much better story and characters. That'll do.

Yeah, the NPC interactions have cracked me up quite a bit, but the brain scientist in R&C'16 is among my favorites. Maybe its Richard Horvitz' performance, but that was a funny character!

And as you say (and from memory especially ACiT) also had those "blank" in-game cutscenes. But I've never noticed until you just said so. I think it's because Ratchet always has this clear deep frown. Where, in R&C'16 he only has a slight frown, or a slight smile. Had they been accentuated more, it might have been less noticeable. 

I think that with ACiT the animations were more forgivable for me because everything was new, and every character we met was a character we had never seen before (even though many of them used the same skins), or advancing the plot in some way we hadn't seen in the past (Because it was all new). Whereas in The PS4 R&C it was a little more off because we'd seen it all before, and done better.

I mean, I wasn't going to expect the game to deviate away from the base game as much as it did, and I don't consider that bad. But these things were just done better in the past.

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Holy cow, Clank is bigger than Ratchet lol!
I know of someone who would want those figurines.
Holy cow, Clank is bigger than Ratchet lol!


I hope they'll release separately outside of the Insomniac Store. I'd like to get them, but preferably without the shipping and taxes.

Ladies and gentlemen, we'll soon be back to the Ratchet & Clank universe! I hope our patience will be worth it!