Nanotech Boosts


  • In the second room where the crane must be used, a door can be opened using the Infiltrator. Hack the lock to access the nanotech boost.

Feltzin system

  • The nanotech boost is waiting inside the space station, in the large hangar located at the center of the map.


  • The nanotech boost is located at the end of the promenade of Canal City.


  • During the glider section, a nanotech boost sits on top of one of the last towers.


  • The nanotech boost is located in the last room of the level and can be seen easily from the starting point of the glider run. To reach it, you need to use the glider and execute a U-turn at some point. You can achieve that in the very last section, before the landing area by going to the far right to give you enough space to turn around. After that you will need to go all the way back to get the boost.


  • Starting from the third challenge of the Hoverbike races, all shortcuts are opened. This allows to access the first secret area where the nanotech boost is located just after the turn following the first turbo.
  • A nanotech boost can be seen behind a glass door after crossing the bridge located near the start of the level. To reach it, you need to activate the dynamo device to the right of the tunnel entrance leading to that glass door. Once activated, you only have a few seconds to cross the bridge thus it is recommended to remove all enemies from the area beforehand.


  • Once you enter the missile silo, on the left of the second door, an infiltrator puzzle is accessible. Solve it to activate an elevator that will bring you next to the nanotech boost.


  • At the beginning of the main road, there is a room with two possible paths, one on the left and one on the right. Go to the right. The nanotech boost is located on the top of a fountain.


  • To reach the final nanotech boost, you need to land on the roof of the building that comes right after the first Swingshot orbs.