Skill points


  • Nano To The Max: Upgrade your nanotech to the maximum level.
  • Weapon Envy: Get all weapons and all their upgrades.
  • Nice Ride: Buy all weapons, shields and upgrades for your ship from Slim Cognito.


  • Prehistoric Rampage: Shoot four pterodactyls.
  • Smash and Grab: Break everything that can be broken inside the MegaCorp store.

Maktar Nebula

  • Vandalize: Break everything in the Maktar station (lights, boxes, etc...).
  • Wrench Ninja: Blade to Blade: Beat Chainblade using only your Omniwrench 8000.
  • 2B Hit Or Not 2B Hit: Beat the B2 Brawler without taking any damage.
  • Clank Needs A New Pair Of Shoes: Get three bars on a slot machine.


  • Operate Heavy Machinery: Destroy 10 robots with the crane.
  • Destroy All Breakables: Break everything on the planet (lights, boxes, etc...).


  • Speed Demon: Get a time of 2:10 or less in the hoverbike race.


  • Planet Buster: Destroy the floating planet with its satellites and rings in the shopping area.


  • You Can Break A Snow Dan: Destroy the snowman hidden behind the first building from which enemies spawn.


  • Heal Your Chi: Collect all 100 crystals scattered in the desert.

Orb. Dobbo

  • Robo Rampage: Destroy every building of Lunar City as Giant Clank.
  • Dukes Up: Beat the boss of Lunar City as Giant Clank using only punch attacks.


  • Old School: Kill all enemies on Dobbo using only weapons from the original Ratchet & Clank game (Omniwrench 8000 and weapons bought from the Gadgetron store of Barlow).


  • That's Impossible: Beat the "Impossible challenge" in the MegaCorp games.
  • How Fast Was That?: Get a time of 2:27 or less in the hoverbike race.
  • Wrench Ninja II: Massacre: Kill all enemies on Joba (outside of the arena) using only your Omniwrench 8000.
  • Bye Bye Birdies: Kill 12 birds.


  • Nothing To See Here: Destroy the 4 MegaCorp rockets shown at the beginning of the tour.
  • You're My Hero: Save all 10 tourists from the squirrels' attacks.
  • Try To Sleep: Turn 16 squirrels into sheep using the Sheepinator.


  • No Shocking Developments: Grind the power cable without taking any damage.


  • Moving Violation: Shoot down 14 ships.


  • Safety Deposit: Protect the civilians from the robots in the bank area.
  • Midtown Insanity: Grind the train rails without taking any damage.


  • Be A Moon Child: Mine all 101 crystals scattered in the ice field.