Titanium Bolts

This guide was originally written for the Ratchet and Clank Wiki


  • After you get to the second Gadgetron Vendor, instead of gliding to the pathway across the water, drop down and turn around and grab the bolt in the alcove.
  • In the Path of Death stand on the platform before the first fire plates and turn to the right. The bolt is in a small room. Double-jump and glide to get it.

Starship Phoenix

  • Complete the last VR Arena challenge, Nerves of Titanium. The bolt will be in the middle of the arena.
  • Go through the Hypershot training. The bolt is at the end of the course.
  • Collect all 100 Qwark Tokens in the Qwark Vid-Comic #1 Booty is in the Eye of the Beholder, and you'll get a titanium bolt as a reward.
  • Collect all 100 Qwark Tokens in the Qwark Vid-Comic #2 Arriba Amoeba, and you'll get a titanium bolt as a reward.
  • Collect all 100 Qwark Tokens in the Qwark Vid-Comic #3 Shadow of the Robot, and you'll get a titanium bolt as a reward.
  • Collect all 100 Qwark Tokens in the Qwark Vid-Comic #4 Deja Q All Over Again, and you'll get a titanium bolt as a reward.
  • Collect all 100 Qwark Tokens in the Qwark Vid-Comic #5 The Shaming of the Q, and you'll get a titanium bolt as a reward.


  • In the courtyard with the broken bridge (after the room with a pool of water), stand at the entrance and run straight ahead. You'll find a place you can Wall Jump. Do so, and walk down the pathway to the bolt.
  • You need the Gravity Boots: In the room with the last bolt Crank, walk up the Gravity Boots wall, and use the Refractor to zap the receiver in the wall. Make your way to the room after the spider puzzle. Walk up the wall, and use the Refractor to zap the receiver. Go back down, go through the door you unlocked in that little puzzle, and grab the bolt.
  • You need the Gravity Boots: In the room before you met Al, walk up the wall and grab the bolt on the ceiling.

Station Q9

  • In the first gauntlet challenge (Heat Street), after the turrets that shoot green laser beams, jump on the part before the two robots that shoot their own laser beams. Turn around and do a High Jump to get to the ledge with the bolt.
  • Make sure to do the "Maze of Blaze" challenge unlocked after the Courtney Gears gauntlet. At one point there will be two sets of two green turret lasers. Go to the button room after it will pick the right door. On the next bridge, kill the robot on the left and jump up where he was. The titanium bolt will be a jump and glide away.


  • You need the Hacker. In the room after the first bridge that Skid hacks, there is a hacker puzzle to the left. Hack it, and take the elevator to a secret room. Walk forward and grab the bolt.
  • At the second bridge, instead of going across, drop down into the area below it. Simply walk forward until you get the bolt.
  • In the second swimming section, the bolt is in an alcove near the back of the tank. You may need to look around to find it as it's sitting towards the top of the tank. Don't go down the path with the mines.
  • You need the Gravity Boots: Walk to the upper section of the sewers and go out to one of the bridges. Two of them have Hypershot targets. Find them and swing from target to target until you grab the bolt in mid-air. Note: You can get this titanium bolt without the Gravity Boots, by jumping onto the side of one of the pipe entrances, jumping onto a small pipe and then jumping up to the higher bridge.
  • You need the Gravity Boots and Map-O-Matic: In the upper section of the sewers, walk all the way to the top of the map. Walk into the tunnel connecting the upper-right and upper-left of the sewers, and grab the bolt halfway through.


  • In the mission where you need to destroy the four gun turrets, get in the Turbo Slider, go across the bridge take the right fork, and keep on going. Once you get to the small building where the generator for the turret on the far right is located go around the right side of the building and grab the bolt.
  • You need the Hypershot: In the green cave, instead of jumping up to the right to fight the Saucers, go forward to the edge (don't fall off). Jump towards the Hypershot target and swing into the secret room. Go forward and to the right to get the bolt.


  • You need the Charge Boots: Once you get get to the entrance of the facility, hack the terminal and fight your way through as you normally would. Don't hack the second terminal though. Instead look for an alcove with a floor switch. Quickly jump up, step on it, and use the Charge Boots to get to the previous room. Go through the newly opened door before it closes, and you'll be on a series of walkways and balconies. Fight your way past the enemies, being wary of your health. The bolt is at the end.
  • After completing the mission Explore the docks, instead of taking the taxi back to your ship, look to the right. You'll see a Hypershot platform, zap it jump on it, then jump onto the next platform suspended above the sea. Complete the short Hypershot course, and the bolt is on a small platform at the end.

Obani Moons

  • On the first moon, there is a lone hypershot target in the canyons. The hypershot target will disable a forcefield covering a cave that contains the titanium bolt further on in the canyon. To find the target, look at the 'map' and find your ship, its engines are pointing at the target, follow that line on the map roughly a quarter of the way around the moon. You won't be able to see the target itself but you'll be able to see a dark blue circle with a silver cross through it which is what the target is sitting on. Get to this point of the moon and look around, you'll see some platforms floating in lava, this is the way to the cave. Activate the target and jump across the platforms. You'll then see more lava in front of you with a pillar of rock in the middle. Run across the black rocks in the lava that run around the right hand side of the pillar and the cave with your titanium bolt will be right in front of you.
  • On the second moon, get to the first jump pad. Instead of going forward, go right in mid-air and land on the ledge to grab the bolt.

Holostar Studios

  • In the room with the slot machines, go to the back exit near the elevator. Turn around and you'll see two sets of chairs. Jump up the one on the left (when facing the elevator you came up from) to get to the bolt.
  • After you get to the ship, walk up the wall in front of you. Make your way through the rooms, battling Tyhrranoids as you go, until you get to the two corkscrewing grav-strips. Walk on the one on the floor, and about half-way across, jump and glide to the yellow bar just above the acid. Jump to the grav-strip next to you and follow it into the round room, up the wall and into a small room containing the bolt.
  • Jump into the round room below the bolt describred. Go up the grav-strip opposite the yellow acid, jumping across the blocks in the way. Once you get to the end, defeat the Four-Eyed Tyhrranoid Commander, and step on the grav-wall. Here comes the tricky part- One-Eyed Tyhrranoids are falling from holes in the ceiling. Push the left analog stick up and to the right. This will get you to the top safely so you can get the bolt.

Starport, Zeldren

  • On the path to the bolt Grabber, you enter a room with 4 docked ships- two on the lower level and two on the upper level. Go to the ship on the right on the upper level, smash the wall on the ship's right (your left), walk in and grab the bolt.
  • (Still on the path with the Bolt Grabber) After the bit with the Hypershot, There are two concrete blocks stacked below a balcony on the left. Jump on them, high jump up to the balcony, and turn to face the balcony on the right. Long jump to it, walk inside the small room, and grab the bolt.


  • In the first building, jump up to the ledge on the left and smash the window. Go into the next room, and defeat all the Tyhrranoids. Continue forward and use the Hypershot to swing to a small room containing the bolt.
  • After getting through the building where Robonoid Commanders drop through the ceiling, go outside and turn to the right. Jump to the ledge and make your way past all the ledges to find the bolt in an alcove.
  • In the Ranger Missions, select any challenge with a Hovership. Look for a tower with a grav-ramp. There are two, but only one of them has the bolt. Once you find it, brush against the grav-strip to collect it.

Crash Site, Zeldren

  • Walk down the grav-track next to your ship to grab the bolt.


  • Go around the side of the large bridge to find a grav-track that goes underneath it. Go underneath the bridge to snag the bolt.
  • After you get to the Tyhrranoid Base, go up the grav-ramp to the right. Jump across the rocks and go down the next grav-ramp. Go behind the Base to get the bolt.

Thran Asteroid Belt

  • On the path to the PDA, on the first grav-strip, make it to the highest point. Turn around, jump off and glide. The bolt is on a platform in the icy water.


  • At the part with the unbreakable crates with diamond shapes on them jump up to the top, turn around, and long jump to the glass balcony. Go around it, jump over the fence, and grab the bolt.
  • In the courtyard with lots of enemies, go down the side streets to the left. Look for a building with a ladder. Climb it and grab the bolt.


  • After the first Tyhrraguise puzzle, ride the elevator to the top. Instead of going down the corridor, drop off to the left. Grab the bolt.