This guide was originally written for the Ratchet and Clank Wiki

Friend of the Rangers

Objective: Complete all missions for the Galactic Rangers.

Annihilation Nation

Objective: Complete all Annihilation Nation challenges.

Titanium Collector

Objective: Collect all 40 Titanium Bolts.

Skill Master

Objective: Collect all 30 Skill Points.

Nano Finder

Objective: Upgrade your health to a max of 200.

Omega Arsenal

Objective: Buy all weapons and upgrade them to Omega Level.


Planet: Florana
Location: In the second large building after completing a Wall Jump to get to the second yellow lader there is a terrace on the other side (behind where you normally go) with some bolts and Nanotech crates. Then with your back towards the ladder the trophy will be to your left, climb around the edge of the building to reach the hidden terrace and the trophy.


Planet: Tyhrranosis
Location: This trophy can be found on Tyhrranosis on the mission where you must destroy the four plasma turrets. The turret in question is (almost) right next to the large building with the boss fight (Momma Tyhrranoid) within, in the north-east corner of the map. The trophy should be easy to spot if you go to the far right on the map; it's on a platform with a Three-Eyed Tyhrranoid. To get it, at the base of the mound will be a rock you can jump on. Jump on it and high jump on top of the surface.

The Plumber

Planet: Daxx
Location: It is located on the right-hand balcony of the building where Ratchet finds the Charge Boots. As you exit, turn to your right. Hop to your right to get it.


Planet: Studio 42, Holostar Studios
Location: It is located on a platform to the side of the elevator that you unlock with the first Hacker Terminal. Ride the elevator to the top. If you are facing forward (with the elevator behind you), turn to your left and go back out to the elevator; there is an orange ledge just above your head. High jump or double jump up onto this ledge and you will find the Clank trophy.


Planet: Zeldren, Crash site
Location: It is located on a ledge after the second set of debris on the right.


Planet: Metropolis, Kerwan
Location: The Skrunch trophy is in Metropolis just after the curved bridge, through the window on the right.

Captain Qwark

Planet: Thran Asteroid
Location: This trophy can be found on the Thran Asteroid at the end of the last corridor in the pod on the left (behind the glass window) right near Qwark's hideout.

Courtney Gears

Planet: Koros
Location: It is located inside the building next to the stacked metallic crates.


Planet: Mylon
Location: It is located at the top of the ramp along the section before the Hacker terminal, located on top of a storage tank at the top of the ramp.