Locations: The Deadgrove

The Deadgrove
The Deadgrove
  • Hero bolts: 5
  • Skill points: 7


  • Orthani Gorge
  • Root Cavern
  • Access Shaft
  • Mining Camp
  • Abyss


Skill points

  • Have You Two Met?: Get one Proton Turret to shoot another.
  • Treasure hunter: Quakehammer all the rock piles in Deadgrove.
  • Back To Work: Destroy the water cooler near the first Proton Turret.
  • Terminal Velocity: Do not use the Jet Packs for 30 seconds.
  • Crate Hater: Destroy all floating crates in the Access Shaft.
  • Jetpack Master: Avoid all hazards using the Jet Packs.
  • It Burns When I Touch It: Avoid the lava floor in the Abyss.

Hero Bolts

Segment 1: Orthani Gorge
  • After activating the catapult between two proton turrets, the Hero bolts are on top of the rock to the right.
Segment 2: Root Cavern
  • After bouncing along several mushrooms, launch a teammate with the Vac-U 4000 to the mushroom to the right, then Hookshot to them. The platform bounced to contains the Hero bolts.
  • The Hero bolts are on platform to the left of one bounced up onto. Launch a teammate and Hookshot to them to obtain them.
Segment 3: Access Shaft
  • The Hero bolts are behind the first glass screen encountered. Slam into it with the jetpack to break it.
Segment 4: Mining Camp
  • Behind a rock just before the third Croid Lab is where the Hero bolts are located.