This guide was originally written for the Ratchet and Clank Wiki

Vorselon's Warship (1st visit)

  • The first piece is found the first time you have to enter his ship. It's in the middle of the hallway about halfway through.

Torren IV, Molonoth Fields

  • Once you have the OmniSoaker, return to the front door of The Hollow and use the oil to activate the catapult. Launch from the catapult, and you will land on the schematic.
  • Follow the rails of Grind Boots that lead you not far from your ship, then take the Battery Bot you find and throw it on the switch. You will open a door that will reveal a Holoplan that you will just have to recover.

Terachnos, Axiom City

  • On the east side of the Spaceport Terminal, there is a barrier that only goes down after a battle with multiple droids. Use the Swingshot to get over to the platform with the big crate, and you will land on it. Ignore the Zoni until you have the schematic.

Lumos, Krell Canyon

  • In the settlement, follow the Zoni through the Hoverboot course. At the end, plug the Battery Bot into the door to get the schematic.

Zanifar, Tombli Outpost (Present)

  • To the right of the security station entrance, it's sitting on a cliff attached to the station. Use the Hoverboots to long jump to the cliff and get it.

Agorian Battleplex

  • Complete "Death from Above" in the Bronze Cup.
  • Complete "Toxic Engagement" in the Raritanium Cup.

Vapedia, Valkyrie Citadel

  • After the third Valkyrie training room (the battery bot room), take the door that doesn't open. There should be a Gold Bolt in plain sight on a station. Behind the building with the Gold Bolt is the schematic.

Morklon, Gimlick Valley

  • After you defeat Argos, the ninth holo-plan piece should be on top of the floodgate in the new present day. To the right, there should be a hydraplant behind a large rock. Fill it up with water from the river to get to the floodgate.

Nefarious Space Station (2nd visit)

  • During your second visit, on the island where you jump down to fight Nefarious, the holo-plan is on the left side behind a rock.

Once you have retrieved all the holo-plans, you just need to meet with the Smuggler on Terachnos so that he can build the RYNO V for you. He will do so for free.