Locations: The Great Clock

The Great Clock
The Great Clock Sectors 1 to 5, Orvus Chamber
  • Gold bolts: 8
  • Skill points: 4


  1. Cutscene - The Caretaker's Awakening
  2. The Great Clock - Clank's Escape
  3. The Great Clock - Fixing the Clock
  4. The Great Clock - The Time Pads
  5. The Great Clock - Clank's Subconscious
  6. The Great Clock - The Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler
  7. The Great Clock - Fixing Anomalies
  8. The Great Clock - Anomaly Fixing Failed
  9. The Great Clock - The Orientation Room
  10. Cutscene - Sigmund's Secret
  11. The Great Clock - Heroes Collide
  12. The Great Clock - Time Shift Initiated


Skill points

  • Temporal Pacifism: Complete Quantum Annex 3 without harming a Teratrope.
  • Braniac: Complete the last time puzzle room in 40 seconds or less.
  • What Goes Up: Keep a crate in air for 3 seconds.
  • Outta Time: Get through the entire level in 300 seconds.

Gold Bolts

The Great Clock: Sector One
  • This one can only be obtained after you have obtained the Chronoscepter. The Gold Bolt is found on a distant hovering platform near the Jasindu Planet Room. After fixing the anomalies on Jasindu, two other platforms will appear, which will lead you to the Gold Bolt.
The Great Clock: Sector Two
  • Just before you enter into the first time pad challenge, you will see four floating green square steps. Look at the right side of the walkway. After you notice the Gold Bolt, go for it.
  • Go back to the room where you obtained the Chronoscepter, enter the Mnemonic Station, solve the time pad puzzle, go through the doors and retrieve the Gold Bolt. Be warned, this puzzle is very tricky, and you will need one of your copies to move freely in order to obtain the bolt.
The Great Clock: Sector Three
  • After completing the second time puzzle, go outside and keep going to the right. Go towards the edge and a floating platform will appear. Another platform will appear underneath the Gold Bolt after you step on the first one.
  • Go back to the Mnemonic Station on a second visit to the sector, solve the time pad puzzle, go through the doors and retrieve the Gold Bolt.
The Great Clock: Sector Four
  • To get it, simply throw out a Time Bomb onto the second floating gear. Then, jump towards the lower half of the gear and retrieve the Gold Bolt.
  • After finishing the final Paradox room puzzle, just as you leave the room and find yourself opposite the Orvus Chamber, look around and there is a building with an open door and a glass roof. Proceed to the right-hand side of the ledge, and platforms should materialize, leading into it. This is the Fastoon Planet Room. Fix the planet, then proceed through the door and retrieve the Gold Bolt.
  • Go back to the Mnemonic station and solve the puzzle in Clank's subconscious. The Gold Bolt is awarded on completion of the puzzle. (Note: You must complete the game and warp back to before you defeated Nefarious & Azimuth).


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