Locations: Boltaire Museum

Boltaire Museum
Boltaire Museum Outdoor, Main Halls
  • Titanium bolts: 2
  • Skill points: 4
  • Alien codes: 3


  1. Boltaire Museum - Outside Boltaire
  2. Boltaire Museum - The Gem Wing



Skill Points

  • Furious Fists Of Fury: Use only your melee attacks the complete the level.
  • Silent Night: Take down every guard in the museum using stealth takedowns.
Special Mission
  • Pyrrhic victory: Get damaged in only the very last segment.
  • Triple Platinum Record: Get through the whole segment without missing any button presses.

Titanium Bolts

  • Before you see the first guard in the hallway, you will see that above the sewer grate, there is an opening in the railing, jump and grab the ledge, pull yourself up and there it is.
  • When you manipulate the statue in the museum, double-jump and glide over to the other side of holo-wall and you will see it there.

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