Skill Points

Boltaire Museum

  • Furious Fists Of Fury: Use only your melee attacks the complete the level.
  • Silent Night: Take down every guard in the museum using stealth takedowns.
Special Mission
  • Pyrrhic victory: Get damaged in only the very last segment.
  • Triple Platinum Record: Get through the whole segment without missing any button presses.

Prison Planet

  • Stainless Steel: Take no damage during the Mega Challenge.
  • Playing With Fire: Kill 5 enemies by running them into Lizard Thug Molotov cocktails.
  • Empty The Warrens: Kill over 89 Tyhrranoids in the Tyrranoid Recycling Challenge.
  • Antaeus: Beat the Mega-Challenge without jumping.
  • Indian Burn: Kill 10 enemies with dodgeballs.
  • The Law Can't Touch Me: Complete the Mega Challenge and never get struck by the yard guns.
  • Ruba-Dub Club: Only use the wrench to kill the Ameboid King.
  • Modesty: Don't lose your towel, ever, during the Mega Challenge!
  • Whip it Good: Get 40 kills with the Plasma Whip.
  • Hanging Judge: Beat the main challenge without letting any prisoners escape.


  • Robot Finds Ninja: Get all possible stealth kills in the level.
  • Black Tie Affair: Get through the level defeating all enemies with the Tie-A-Rang.
  • Like The Wind: Get through without getting hit by anything.
  • Inverse Ninja Law: Kill 99 ninjas during the fight.
  • Blaster Overload: Beat the boss without using the regular blaster.
  • Speed Demon: Complete the Rescue Clank! challenge in 1 minute and 25 seconds.
  • Perfect Chrome Finish: Complete the Rescue Clank! challenge without any Gadgebot taking damage.


  • Black Diamond: Hit no Obstacles; Enemy projectiles do not count.
  • Smooth Moves: Cause at least 15 enemies to get killed by their friends.
  • Ringleader: Collect all the rings in the Go For The Gold challenge.
Special Mission
  • Perfect Tango: Don't miss a single button.


  • Master of Disguise: Use a disguise station every time the Kingpin gets suspiscious.
  • Trash Talk: Use the trashcans to lure out and kill all the Henchmen.
  • Deadly Hands: Dispatch all of the Kingpin's Guards before he reaches the fourth tourist cart.
  • Steel Rain: Send at least 10 henchbots off the gondolas into the open blue.
  • 52 Card Pickup: Finish off Jack using only cards, not bombs. Using punches is also alright.
  • Dress For Success: Get Jack to hit himself with three of his own hats.

Le Paradis des Tricheurs Casino

  • Beat The House: Get 20 stealth kills in the level.
  • A Gadgebot Stands Alone: Never use the revive command in either of the Gadgebot arenas.
Special Mission
  • Lucky Sevens: Complete the timing segment with 77,700 points.


  • All Slime Must Burn: Complete the level killing amoeboids only with melee attacks and the Blowtorch Briefcase.
  • Ramming Speed!: Kill 10 amoeboids by ramming a small engine box into them.
  • Twinkle Toes: Get a 5-chain of butterfly bounces without touching the stage.
  • Magnum Opus: Beat the entire opera without getting hit.
  • Sold Out: Get 150,000 Box Office sales.
Special Mission
  • Evasive Maneuvers: Dodge 8 torpedoes using the Hydrofoil.
  • Deep Six: Don't get hit by seeking mines.
  • Wake Of Destruction: Destroy everything, bridges, tunnels covers, et cetera.
  • Ringmaster: Collect all the rings in the Threading The Needle challenge.

Fort Sprocket

  • With Interest: Kill 5 Static Midges through friendly fire from the Bolt Thief enemies.
  • Androids In Disguise: Stealth kill two disguised Doppelgangers in Fort Sprocket while being disguised as a Doppelganger.
  • Vault Vault: Beat the main challenge within 8 minutes and 25 seconds.
  • El dia de los Muertos: Get a Static Midge helmet on all three Gadgebots at once.

Spaceship Graveyard

  • It's A Delicacy Somewhere: Blow up every mature organic spore in the level.
  • Revenant: Destroy every enemy in the salvage yard before the final door opens without being seen.
  • Punchy: Defeat all pirates using only punches.
  • Sour Victory: Kill the Kudzu Monster, using only lemons.


  • He Cleans Pools, Too!: Kill 20 enemies with a single lawnmower.
  • Perfect Mirror: Let not a single leak spring in the level.
Special Mission
  • Yeeee Haaaaaw!: Perform a roll off of a cliff.
  • Offensive Driver: Complete the timed challenge with at least 60 sec remaining.
  • Slippery Slope: Hit at least 5 oil slicks on a single life.
  • Ring Around The Rosie: Collect all the rings in the Driving Test ring challenge.

Quasar Fields

Giant Clank
  • Min Maxing: Score 1075 points in the Giant Clank level (1550 in Callenge Mode).
  • I Kill The Rock: Kill all 3 Mega Rock class dreadnoughts.

Underwater Base

  • 133t h4xx0r: Don't fail any Omni Key puzzles.
  • Rust Proof: Don't fall in the water, ever.
  • I'm Not There: Don't get seen by any enemies, lasers or fish.
  • Turn the Tables: Complete at least 4 successful takedowns on Klunk, and never get taken down yourself.
  • A Pretty Good Likeness: Beat Klunk without damaging Robo-Ratchet.
  • Cereal Decoder Ring: Beat the "Knockin' On Klunk's Door" Challenge within 4 minutes and 30 seconds.